Which Zenkai LF Gohan Team is Better? FSK Legends or Hybrids?

I have been saving up my crystals to decide if I should spend on the LF Gohan Return Banner. It will be going away in the next Few Days.

Information I have been trying to acquire before spending was?

  1. What will the next Zenaki Fighter be that is dropping? (Find out 2 days hopefully)

  2. Obviously the new Hybrid Fighters are optimal for Zenkai LF Gohan. How much Better is the Hybrid team, If they are better than the FSK Legends team?

How does a 6* Goten compare to a 14* Z7 Kid Goku?

Could you get by with the Legends Road version? And wait for Legends Road Gotenks to receive a Zenkai?

I want to create a powerful FSK Team spending as little crystals as possible. If I can get by using the Legends Road version I will take that Legends Road. If the new Hybrids are absolutely necessary I will consider summoning for them and doing their Crystal-gated missions.

A huge dilemma that the teams I run (Regen and Androids) are facing currently is a lack of a strong blue fighter. I’ve actually faced multiple opponents that have utilised their supports and RUN 3x Red Fighters against me
ie …(Z7 LF Gohan, Z7 Trunks, Battle Armour Trunks)
And they can get away with it because our strongest fighters are Yellow and our Blue Fighters are doo doo.

If anyone would like to share their experiences or opinions it would be greatly appreciated.
(shout out too Dragon Id really appreciate your insight)

To be honest, I prefer 6* Ssj Goten (yel) over 14 Z7 Goku (yel). The reasons are as follows -

  1. The new Goten’s Z ability at 6* is 30% double attack for Son Family and hybrid Saiyans. Z7 Goku’s Z ability is completely useless right now since a good Dragon Ball Saga team is hard to assemble.
  2. Goten’s support is better than Goku’s support. Goten gives ki recovery aswell as penetrate sustained damage scut effect buffs as well. He pairs really well with Zenkai LF Ssj2 Gohan.

But that doesn’t mean Z7 LR Goku doesn’t have his merits. Reasons why Goku is better -

  1. He is a monster in a full Crisis State. His damage skyrockets. He also has Endurance which helps him survive Rising Rushes and heavy combos (not alwa- YOSHA!). Goten, however, fails as a last Man standing unit. His transformation runs out and his damage becomes underwhelming.
  2. Goku’s increase arts card draw speed helps him chain long combos (great to collect Dragon Balls). Goten, on the other, hits hard with regular combos. He does receive increase arts card draw speed by 2 via him main, but still Goku wins here.
    I have been running this team in PvP recently. It works really well against Vegito Blue.

    The key here is running Goten, Zenkai Gohan and FFSsj4 Goku together. FFSsj4 Goku hits like a bomb when paired with these two units’ support. Goten increases his damage, while Gohan buffs his Blast damage. My FFSsj4 Goku litreally took out a 12* Rage Trunks in 4 blast Cards in Ranked PvP, no joke. This team fully utilies his blast damage.
    Other units are here for emergency measures. Ssj4 Goku to counter Tanky grn units and LF Namek Goku (who now deals good damage due to the support) to counter LF Gohans and Perfect Cells.
    I saw a few showcases of the new Kid Trunks (grn) and I personally think he is just what Hybrids needed. He deals really good damage and pairs well with Zenkai LF Gohan.
    You have three options in my opinion.
  3. Run the FSK Legends Road Team. It is a really broken team but the main problem is lack of good synergy and the fact that Trunks and Goku are strike oriented and Gohan is Blast focused. It brings trouble like you are using Goku and you have a full Blast deck, or using Gohan while having a full strike deck.
  4. Summon on the All Star Banner and use Hybrids. Goten, Trunks and Z7 Gohan are a really good team and will absolutely incinerate anyone. Coupled with strong Purple to counter Tanks grn units, this team could easily be a meta team. It also has a good Color Coverage. Trunks covers Gohan and Goten covers Trunks.
  5. Run the Son Family I mentioned earlier with Z7 Goku instead of Goten. You can also use Ssj Kioken Goku since he might work better than FFSsj4 Goku (because of Z ability).

My final thoughts are that you should probably ‘NOT’ spend on the All Star Banner. Goten and Trunks are broken and all, but they are not absolutely necessary. Your LF Vegeta is at High stars If I recall correctly and Z7 Goku is still really optimal in Son Family and Saiyans. I got lucky and pulled Goten in my first multi. It was risky and I could have gotten shafted. All I am saying is that some people didnt pull these guys in even 15k cc (check out some summons on Youtube). It is a risky route and considering OP units are dropping very frequently nowadays (RoC Goku, Ultimate Gohan, Goten and Trunks) I suggest saving or going all out on LF Gohan is the right choice.
Sorry for the long post. Hope this helped.

Hey Dragon, Thank you for providing your analysis. It actually helped quite a lot.

My Initial response was to be patient and wait for the Legends Road Gotenks to release, however my gut feeling is that may be closer to Christmas rather than sooner.

I’ve seen many content creators showcase these New Fighters, and some of the Hyper Offensive Damage they output really made me question’ Maybe Z7 Kid Goku has been Power crept?’

This was a thought that I never even considered. Now I’m not saying he has been Powercrept but it did make me question?

With all that said I knew that you have had a chance to compare the two Fighters and I was very interested what your thoughts were on the New Goten. If he was essentially needed or more of a ‘win more option’

After reading your analysis It did affirm that I should stay the course. If I do luckily manage to pull one on the daily Ill also invest on the Crystal missions also.

I did like your take on the team utilising either Son SS4 or Legends Road variants of FSK. Ill build one of each and be content with those and forgo the Hybrid variant for now.

In a eccentric sense I’m not a hyper competitive player nor do I want to collect all the characters. I do enjoy collecting Teams and building the absolute best teams I can with the resources I have available. I am acquiring quite a collection of powerful teams and the FSK variant is the next one I want to add to my tool belt.

I am curious to see what the next Zenkai will be as if it makes LOE, Movie Sagas a Meta contender that will be the last item of information to influence my decision on summoning on the banner.

Thank you again for your response