Who among my SSR, SR, R and C should i consider investing on Max Leveling, Palingenesis or Max Level Skills?

(I have most the 3* other than Colombus, Sarieli and Izu. As for the 2*- 1* i think i mostly have them.)

Need help deciding which servants to empower for future events and scenarios. Who among them do you think i should empower and resources worthy that will be helpful and will be useful at long run for my lineup?

All of my SSR are Max leveled (with no palingenesis) but only has there skills at 7/7/7 other than Skadi who has 10/8/10. But since i’m limited in QP (i think i have 400 million plus qp at best) and have unspecified Mats quantity. It will be nice if you can RANK THEM UP TO 5 IN EACH CATEGORY (PALINGENESIS, MAX SKILLS, MAX LEVEL), PRIORITY AND RARITY (SSR, SR, R, C)

Palingenesis SSR

  1. Servant 1
  2. Servant 2
  3. Servant 3
  4. Servant 4
  5. Servant 5


All of your SSRs are worth investing in.

After that :man_shrugging: can’t see current skill levels.

Everyone is about to jump in here and say this, but…

Palingenesis (aka Grailing) is for your best-loved Servants. Without going on at length, there usually aren’t significant gameplay advantages to doing this since Servants play basically the same after as they did before. Occasionally you have a specific goal in mind, like hitting a tight damage benchmark, but that’s the exception.

Look to max skills for Servants you use frequently or whom you plan to use frequently, and prioritize by the type of skill.

E.g. QSH should prioritize his s3, because the battery is vital to his smooth functioning. His s1 and s2 are very good and should eventually be maxed if you use him, but they can wait if necessary.


You mean in max skills and palingenesis?

I’m not even gonna discuss grailing, you’ve been playing long enough to know who you want to grail.

But as for skills, all of your SSRs are good at what they do and all are worthy of being skilled up as much as possible.


Among my SR. Anyone worth investing on…?

You have Skadi so your quick loopers come into play, Parv, Atalante, Fran etc.

Nitocris is a great farmer, as is Helena, her charge skill is too useful not to lore. Jaltzer is a handy nuke imo and Chloe is good as well. If Ridertoki’s skill levels are low, consider raising those, his battery should be maxed and his steroid should be as high as possible.

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I am quite surprised that old players like yourself still need advice for priority. :thinking: Max levelling welfares is easy thanks to their special ascension material, so you could start from Scathach Assassin, Sieg, and Ishtar Rider.

Give this article a read. tl;dr raise farmers first.

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i’m not much on Meta and merely playing this game for leisure purpose tbh. I don’t usually read guides and just doing everything on my own unless needed so. So… shrugs


Burn Herc


I thought Fate lore taught us that burning him doesn’t usually take. Or slicing him, or impaling him…


I hear if you burn Herc hell just come back on your nwxt 10 roll and be unburnable


Shi Huang Di and Cu Alter are the highest value grail targets. Gilgamesh is not a bad choice either. I am not really sure what you use regularly or what future roll plans entail. Just statistically, you are going to get the most out of those 3. In that order, pretty much, at least at np1.

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-Cu Alter


-Kintoki (Rider)

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I would recommend Parvati at 10/10/6, specially if you have her at NP2 or higher. You just need a MLB Imaginary Element or a normal Kaleido and Mage’s Association MC and you are set for some easy and sweet Skadi looping.

You don’t have any better AoE rider so consider Riderin too. Prioritize her skill 1 and you can ignore skill 3 until last.



Invest in Jalter if you want a reliable boss killer since she’s still level 1, i know you have Cu Alter but i doubt he’s NP5 so she’s overall better in terms of damage.

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There’s way too much to comment here, so here’s a few tips:
-Identify the holes in your roster. In this case, you lack raised ST servants. Since you have Skadi, I’d recommend focusing on Santa Altera, Kuro, Mecha Eli, Summer Jalter, Summer Fran, and Lobo, in that order of importance. For AOE, you are lacking an AOE rider, so either level Ridersthar or Marie, as they are both Skadi-compatible.
-You lack supports. While you have Skadi, you don’t seem to have any Buster or Arts support. I recommend leveling and skilling up Helena as a temporary fix.
-For skill-leveling, the rule of thumb is to first max batteries for the extra recharge and better cooldowns, then max damage increasing skills, then utility skills.
-If you want to grail for gameplay-advantage, go for Arash, as he gets the most mileage out of them. Since you have Skadi, and you might do DSS, getting Paru and Atalante up to Lv90 can also help with some damage benchmarks, especially if they are NP1. Outside of these scenarios, grails don’t provide particularly game-changing boosts, so instead of “wasting” them on a servant while hoping they would make them useful, it is better to put them on a servant you already use a lot to make them marginally better.


In that case, you don’t even need palingenesis. You could grail Skadi so that she showed up on top of people’s Support list and gain those sweet Friend Points.

Since you don’t farm too much (I guess), all your SSRs + Parvati + Ridertoki + Shiki + Mecha Eli + JAlter + Sheba should be 10/10/10 and max level as they could give you an easier time in challenge quests.

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Yu Mei-ren should be top priority for maxing, 100% no biased…

Jokes aside, you shouldn’t give grails to SSRs. Grailling a SSR is a very expensive task to do. If you want to grail SSRs, then the ones you like the most should be first priority, then some boss killer o CQ shining SSR. Rememeber, you won’t get your precious grails back, so choose carefuly.

Now, for SR servants, you have there some top SR, like Kuro (Chloe), Ridertoki, Shiki assassin and Heracles.
Those are good targets for grailing, but as I recommend before, grails are a very limited, so if you like to get a better peformance, just grail them up to lv 90. Anyway you can grail them up to 100 if you love the servant.

For low rarity servants (3* or Lower), there some good options: Robin Hood, Euryale, Arash, Spartacus…

Leveling: every servant you use should be max leveled and 1k/1k fou’d at last, skills depends a lot of usefulness. Prioritize NP batteries, NP gains, card type or ATK buffs, DEF down, etc.

As a general advice, this game isn’t hard, outside of some challenge quests. So you it’s perfectly fine to focus on maxing your favorites first.