Who are some good candidates for special fighter

So I just pulled a second F!Tiki, +def -res, and since my other already has perfect ivs I want to :inherit: her for special fighter. But as I don’t use armors as much as I should I don’t know who to give it to. Here are my available armors, any suggestions? Also if you want to see builds of them, ask and I will show. Any advice is well appreciated.

Any of them planned merge projects?

Not really.

Well then I’d say H!Myrrh.
Units like L!Tiki are also great with Special Fighter, but I feel like they really need merges to reliably double, while H!Myrrh has it built into her weapon.

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I see Idoun there and blessed :eyes:.

My completely out of bias recommendation is to give it to her, surprisingly enough she can reach good levels of speed to make use of it, specially if invested :+1:.

Other candidates can be L!Tiki:

She’s really fast for an armor and mine makes great use of the skill on my other account

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Well my Iduun is luckily +spd then.

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Black Knight enjoys it.

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That’s nice!, you can invest on her speed, remember that her PRF also grants +4 to it and the other stats if she lost 1HP at least or has any debuff :+1: — as for the other skills brazens aren’t recommended since they don’t synergy well with [Special Fighter].

The BK shared above is also a nice option, he can reach a nice speed on his own as well and has a strong defense-ignoring special :+1:

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My suggestions and priorities go to Zelgius, Amelia, Dorcas and Cecilia

  • These are amongst the best users of special fighter given the statlines they have and the flexibility they can be built from said skill.

I can give further explanation on them, but I rather just answer if I’m asked by each one rather than flooding this post

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I’ll give a general reasoning:
The best users of Special Fighter often carry a Slaying weapon, since it allows them to fire powerful specials in much more shorter periods of time with little effort.
They also can carry a true damage weapon, as it allows them to run good self sustain builds or heavy damaging specials.

Well you know, I’m bad with promises lol, I’ll explain each one:
I’d say guaranteed follow ups are also good for it, but I rather take the Slaying effect or Spd over the guaranteed double, as these can be manipulated very easily by currernt meta builds (NFU and prfs that disable them, though it depends the content really, on PvE and mid tier PvP that barely matters). Slaying Effect is mostly paired with:

  • Units like Zelgius or Cecilia, who can fire off powerful specials on counter thanks to the special advanced cooldown of said skill; BLuna or Iceberg counters make the need to double almost non needed unless you really want to kill some bulky stuff or like the selfsustain (Via Sol or Noontime)

  • Units like Amelia can use the slaying effect to run Aether builds to fire Aether in a single round of combat where they reliably double, given Aether is turned into a 4cd special, making them extremely good at dealing with foes as well as with self sustain builds.

Theres also true damage builds:

  • Units like Dorcas can abuse from their sky high atk to run instant Noontime build per counter, paired with a weapon like WoGun, to get a lot of selfsustain as well as they can one shot nearly any mage and also do good chunk of damage to some bulky melees.

You can work with any unit you want, despite them being extremely good suggestions, I think I’d pick Cecilia if you were gonna merge her.

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As mentioned earlier, Legendary Tiki makes good use of Special Fighter. Here’s one I actually have built up for my Arena core. Just remember that once she gets it, her base kit’s Fierce Breath becomes redundant, so consider swapping it out for another skill. Could go for a Spd boosting skill to help her double until she gets merges, or go for Svalinn Shield to counter the Armorslayers infesting PVP. If you want premium, though…

Black Knight, Zelgius, Amelia, Myrrh, and LA!Eliwood are all good options too. They either have weapons that guarantee follow-ups or have enough speed to run it. Anyone else, you’ll need team support and/or proper boons to help make it work.

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