Who Are Some of Your Favorite FGO YouTubers or Podcasts


You like FGO, I like FGO, and sometimes when my AP is refilling I like to listen to other people talk about FGO.

Who are some of your favorite personalities (YouTube or otherwise) and why? Moreover, are there any channels or personalities that you aren’t partial to and if so, why?


My favorites would have to be Lily Aquina due to their first impression vids and Honoka Green, because they’re so entertaining to watch. Also Chaldea Gurus is nice
Sorry forgot about someone and that is G&A Reviews, they’re awesome though I wish they didn’t show the 4th ascension art.

As for someone I don’t enjoy perhaps Touhou Sniper whose voice just irks me(no offense to his fans).


My go to channels on Youtube are KeiKollections, KitaSean, Shotgun Shogun and G&A Reviews personally


Kita Sean
H Green

Not really into Lily, because neglecting mashu, lol.


Personal Favorite for FGO is Touhou Sniper mostly since he’s an NA farming whale and offers some good tips on team comps for events and general farming. Rexlent is the JP version, though his streams are strictly gameplay with no real other audio. Second is Kitasean simply because I find him fun to watch.

Also enjoy KeiKollections, Myst, G&A, Den Of Nerds, Fino, and the StudiOmega Let’s Talk Fate/Grand Order Podcasts.

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Rexlent, Honoka Green, Plushie Mistress, Raise, Ka Ga, Jack Peacekeeper(still waiting for final episode of Fate/Zero x FGO: Legend of Emiya Shirou)



Also, Memersen for meme material, ad sometimes showing how F2P sets being OP. Literally a mini Honako.

Hellblaz does some nice Medusa, Medusa Lily and Gorgon solos.

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It’s typically
G&A reviews - because of good servant review
Honako Green - good solo video
Lily Aquina- good solo (like his Gawain video) and first impression
Keikollections - solid stuff in his video
Voice of Saint Quartz - quite entertaining videos


Heres the ones i usually watch

G&A reviews-mainly for his servant reviews there a good help when it comes to what the game plan is for servants.

TouhouSniper98 -i like his reviews aswell their entertaining and while less frequent its usually a good idea to check what other people think of servants.

Voice of Saint Quartz- i like his scripted content and hes pretty entertaining aswell also some of his discussions on JP servants also isnt half bad

Honako Green- i like watching solo videos and honako provides them in spades.

Plushie Mistress-Similar with honako except with more carmilla involved.

Forgot about him but Fino plays is also pretty good content wise.


Rexlent because he whales hard.

Tohou Sniper because he is basically Rexlent v2.

Voice of Saint Quartz because of the quality contents.

KitaSean because he is a funny guy and iirc he doesn’t whale.

xNaya because he sometimes posts updates about the JP progress in english.


Personal favorites would be:

  1. FinoPlays (amazing voice and I like his humor. Also recommends team compositions, optimal and unorthodox)

  2. KeiKollections (cool guy, does should you roll for X servants, and standard reviews.)

  3. Shotgun Shogun (bear sized Bandit Keith looking dude, very funny. Usually listen to him talk about events in game and out of game like cons. Does raffles)

  4. Den of Nerds Gaming (a bit of a mix of everyone I mentioned before but just nerdier. Helped me a lot when I knew zilch about the game and mechanics)


Glad to see Fino on here! I stumbled across him a while back and really enjoyed his voice and humor. One of the few fate YT channels that I’ll have the roll streams play because his commentary and reactions are funny. I also recommend his Anime Eliminations channel if you haven’t subbed to it yet. Very concise and (imo) good seasonal anime reviews to let you know if a given show is worth picking up (primary reason I started Demon Slayer this season).


Just subbed to Tohou Sniper and xNaya, thanks! I hadn’t heard of them before. Rexlent’s Kiara solo videos was a big reason that I saved hard for Kiara so I’ll me looking forward to more whaling shenanigans on Tohou’s videos!


Definitely appreciate the mention of G&A Reviews! His servant spotlights are some of my favorite fgo YT entries as they give semi-casual players like me a really good idea of whether a given servant is worth saving for/investing in.


…there are FGO podcasts?

I typically watch—
• Rexlent
• xNaya
• PlushieMistress
• Voice
• ShotgunShogun
• ExtremeSmanpig

There are a few smaller channels I like. Tohou is hit/miss for me…he’s just always sounds so negative about everything, almost like he doesn’t enjoy the game. But I do appreciate his Tamamo/Waver/Vlad videos. :)


For touhou his tone seems more snarky to me and i do like watching someone whos been through this hell of a game longer than i have talk about the game in his usual tone and attitude maybe its because while he sounds like he hates it if he really didnt like the game he probably wouldve stopped so while he doesnt show it the guy still has to love the game atleast a little bit…or he just cant quit knowing how much He’s spent but hey who doesnt like some mystery on topics like that?


I only watch two FGO-Youtubers on a regular basis.

This one from time to time. I like his lore-videos, in which he narrates the story of some Servants based on Fate-lore. It’s nice to learn about certain Servants without having to look up everything on wikis and stuff.

My favorite FGO-Youtuber at the moment (and probably for a long time).
He’s not a big whale or anything and his roll-streams are actually kinda thrilling (thinking back to the Kiara-tragedy).
Then he does some chilling streams about every Saturday I guess, where he simply does some farming or whatever, while talking to his viewers - answering questions and stuff. It’s really relaxing.
Also I like him personality-wise. He’s a nice guy and so are his videos.

Besides those two I don’t really watch any other Youtubers. I might watch some suggestions Youtube makes, but for the most part I’m not really interested.


Not a direct answer to the question, but why are some players referred to as F2P even though they spend money? I always understood it to mean “free-to-play” i.e. spend nothing on the game, but they’re actually whales?

or is referring to them as F2P just a joke?


Do you mean the GSSR-only players? They only pay for the Guaranteed Summons, i.e. 60 quartz (roughly 60 dollars, depending on exchange rats and packs bought) each year, if they roll for all GSSRs. While they are not F2P technically, the 2 extra SSRs does not make all that much of a difference in their total servants of certain rarities compared to true F2P players. Just look at the wide variety mentioned the ‘What’s your luck’ threads, which ranges from me with my 1 SSR per year, to the guys who get an SSR each month or more.

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I was thinking more of how it gets used in ex. this video at 5:20 to 5:30