Who are the best Servants whose skills heal others?

A curiosity of mine.

Leaving aside Medea Liky for obvious reasons.

The only ones that come in my mind are:

1- Nightingale

2- BB. Smaller healing than Nightungale, but 4 turns cooldown is really good


Irisviel has a direct heal her np also heals also comes with party guts
tamamo has a direct heal and heal on np
Jack has a targetable heal


As of now we got:
Sanson for single target heal and debuff clear.
Blackbeard that has a party 2k heal that doubles on women, Astolfo, and d’Eon.
Martha for party wide Heal and debuff clear.

In the future we’re getting Ascelpius who has a massive 5k heal as his S1 at max level, Jason with a single target heal and debuff clear, and Santa Nightingale with buff removal and party heal.

These are just some I can thi k right off of the top of my head.


Healers are a bit superficial in FGO, so I’ll base my choice on what else Servant brings to table. So, my pick is BB:

  1. less fragile
  2. both cleares debuffs on short cooldown and blocks them with same skill (well, it will change when Nurse get her Rank up. but for now BB is purely superior)
  3. has decent arts crtit potential
  4. rare niche vs Avengers

Oh, right, rarely use her, but indeed. Though my point about BB having better healing skill still stands


Lets see… if I were to rank healer to top 5

  1. Medea Lily
  2. Nightingale
  3. Hans
  4. Merlin
  5. Tamamo
  6. Irisviel

I put Hans rather high due to his NP HP regen multiply with OC while Merlin tie to his NP level. Irisviel rather low due to her low NP gain


Healing is redundant as you said. nice to have but not absolutely necessary. They have to offer more than healing to be relevant. You never bring Jack for the heal but it is there

BB by in large has been superficial to me. Only this week has she become somewhat releveant because I use Fran in a Double Skadi system


Oh, I agree that as support\dps hybrid, the need for her is limited, unless you want to use her, or niche of debuff cleansing is needed for some fight. Cause heal+cleanse are not enough generally to offer proper support, and many Servants can arts crit better than her (cause attack does not reach 10k with fou, class advantage is rare). But she still can put up a good fight.

Also respect for Fran looping :fgo_kiyo:

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Here is a good list of healers


Hans + MLB Mapo Tofu is all you need


I really hate that self-stun, i’d love to use my Fran for that but without a superscope i can’t a find a way to make it work, plus always having to switch Skadi with BB gets old after a while.

If there’s a command code that fixes that problem in the future i’ll be sure to get it.

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Irisviel’s kit is completely set on healing.
Increased healing, targetable healing, NP with healing. She is the definition of healing.

The only time ever where she was the real MVP - where everyone dust off their Irisviels - was during the King Hassan CQ from last year’s NeroFest.

And it was only because of her party wide Guts on NP :fgo_illya:


Do we get multiple copies of this command code? Having a single one on Fran is still kind of risky as we might not get the relevant card on the 1st turn.

As far as I know we never get more than one copy of any command code that is 3* or above.

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Well, this really sucks.

But I guess there will be many command codes with the same effect released over time.

Wow, these were a lot of replyes.

I had heard many positive things about this welfare. I am quite excited that soon i’ll be able to get her (along with Kuro)

True, even if her use is limited to art party compositions

Really? Never knew that. Than again, i do not own her and rarely borrow her from friendlist.

@Nytfall this makes me regret not having used any lower star servant save for a small number of them.
I was focused on using the same servants and borrow elite servants from friendlist.
Once i had summoned enough 4* / 5* , i even stopped using my 3*. So…
I have to correct my behaviour and start re-evaluating the low rarity servants.

Sanson for one seems good. Who know how many other low rarity gems i’m missing out.

I had heard about Asclepious. I’m waiting for him.
Jason instead is a different story. I’m interested in his attacks and NP.
Medea, Heracles, Nyantalanta abusing him during his attacks is hilarious.

Completely agree. I also posted her in my opening comment. Her healing is very powerful not for how much she heals but for how low her cooldown is.

Agree. Medea Lily is, afterall, a born healer. It’s her niche and her strong trait. I doubt a servant could do better than her.

Nightingale earns a 2nd place, it’s out of question. 5000 Hp heal targetable on a 5-turn cooldown is a strong skill in my opinion.

irisviel has one massive problem. She has terrible np gain for an arts servant. She badly needs something like Prisma Cosmos

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If you’re reevaluating low stars, then healing ain’t where it’s at, chief. The touch of death meta is upon us and that will be the time of taunters and hard survival skills. Servants to look out for are David for team evade and debuff cleanse, Fuuma for targetable evade, Paracelcus for targetable guts and that juicy NP gen.

Asclepius is good because his skillset focuses on NP charging and warding off debuff or clearing them. NP seal is very good stall too. His team guts is nice vs. AoE NP because if it wipes, the enemy’s turn will end right there. His healing is just a bonus vs. grunt waves.

Oh. So Irisviel is the caster version of Zerkerlot. Bad.
But her problem can be fixed, like you say, with a Prisma and many Art chains

Oh. That’s useful info.

What do you mean? From the next Lostbelts there will be a new gimmick?
Because last time something similar happened, it was in Agartha.
Those Executors (or whatever was their name) whose NP debuffed a servant were really dangerous.

This discussion reminds me that i need to find servants able to Dispell Debuffs and apply debuff immune/resist to my servants.

My Chaldea is good in some situations, but against enemyes that debuff my party, i tend to loose. Badly.

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