Who are the best support team for my arts servants?


Hi, first of all i like art teams and i want to make my team better but i cannot decide who is the best pair to support my art based servants.
my dps art servants are: Archuria, Saberlot,Li,Chloe,Nitocris,BB,Shuten and Kiara.

Which duo would be the best support for my servants?:

Dps-double Tamamo
Dps-Waver-Gil caster
Dps-Tamamo-Gil caster
Dps-Merlin-Gil caster

Please wich is the best art team i can possible make? (only have Prisma ce, no 2030)


For an Arts team, Tamamo should ALWAYS be present. Her Arts buff and NP Charging play well wihg the NP-spamming teams (which Arts teams tend to be) while her Curse helps with stalling (again, a common theme for Arts teams).

The other Support depends on what sort of fight you’re getting into or who your DPS is.

Caster Gil goes well with your Archers and Saberlot since he helps generate tons of crit stars (something most Arts teams tend to have trouble with without 2030).

Waver is an all-around support and helps with stall teams with his NP’s NP Drain.

Merlin goes well all-around with his Invincibility, healing, star gen, and NP Charging.

Gil and Waver lack hard defenses like Merlin’s Invincibility, nor do they provide additional healing like Tamamo.

Merlin is the better all around choice at the end since he would help charge Tama’s NP, which let’s her heal and charge NP with her own NP.

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I haven’t tried all those team comps, though let me give a quick run down of the comps I have tried and their benefits and differences. Though in general it’s always good experiment with comps, and in general if your goal is NP spamming Prisma Cosmos will always be better for the passive 8% NP gain. Though Prisma Cosmos is traditionally used for arts support, dps will either use Formal Craft, Another Ending, mlb Magical Girl Sapphire, and probably a few others like Chocalatier (15% arts buff and 3 crit stars per turn?

Archuria- Tamamo- Waver ( Excellent stall team assuming there is no lancers, tons of damage, and plenty of NP spamming. Great consistency though no hard defense options, so NP draining and high skill levels are necessary to make it work.

Vlad- Tamamo- Waver ( The signature arts meme team, Vlad will kill everything, they’ll stall the enemy, and overall consistency is great. Just like previous team, this setup is reliant on bieng able to consistently drain enemy charge, so high skill levels are necessary to make it work. Especially here where if Vlad is not properly supported he will get downed with just a couple of crits, though his guts will help somewhat.)

Arts DPS- Double Tamamo ( I’ve decided to group this up into one category. Basically Tamamo’s skill CD reduction ability on her NP, heal, and an NP charge brought to ridiculous levels. Truly I dont use this setup often because it’s overkill, imagine bieng guaranteed an NP every single turn. This setup works if both Tamamo are at max skill level because it means the arts dps will more often than not have a ridiculous 100% arts buff. And this setup means there is a lack of consistent defense buffs, so both Tamamo have to consistently spam their NP to keep everyone healed and NP bars full.

Arts dps- Tamamo- Merlin ( Great damage, great consistency, and great hard defense in the form of Merlin’s second skill. I don’t particularly like this setup though because it means There is still no consistent defense buffs, though at the very least everyone will be constantly healed. Also Merlin’s third skill isn’t particularly useful here)

Mash- Tamamo- OG Jeanne ( I thought I’d shoehorn this in here, honestly this comp is invincible, absolutely nobody will die no matter who the enemy is, albeit you’ll be fighting at a snail’s pace. Excellent soft defense, hard defense, healing, NP gain, and consistency.)

I got a little off topic there. Though in general experiment with different arts servants, it’s part of the fun making new and amusing comps. Jeez, I hope I get Shuten Douji during the Roshomon rerun…