Who are the Guards that you use most?

For me it is Lappland, for her long range and silence.

Then Ch’en, for her general utility.

Then Melantha also, for cat reasons.

Then Indra, because she is strong fast and cheap. A ideal unit for an early start or to aid defenders against high def opponents

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Hellagur - I just plop him down near one of the spawn points and have him go to town. Getting his E2 Talent was a big improvement since he could passively heal while waiting for enemies

Ch’en - She’s pretty much a mainstay in my squads at this point, that M3 I got for S2 has been super useful ever since I got it, and her S3 is fun to use and has a really cool animation

Astesia - Absolutely destroys high defense enemies, and even against enemies who aren’t weak to Arts, her DPS is still decent enough that it’s rarely an issue


My faithful Guards :fgo_mariethuglife:

#1 Ch’en - She’s my number one pick and leader of the team. Her Skill 2’s “Getsuga Tenshou” at M3 is just to good in any kind of situation to wipe out the enemy. She’s called the “Ch’en bomb” for a reason, and not only because she’s hot af :fgo_rinlaugh:

#2 Lappland - The best long-range Guard in the game after SilverAsh. She can be useful almost everywhere actually, taking care also of the drones in the air, silencing spiders thanks to her talent and with her S2 she just shreds heavy enemies. Also we have something in common: we both love Texas :heartpulse::ak_laughinglappy:

#3 Astesia - Extremely cute, strong and versatile: she has everything you want from a waifu. She destroys every armored enemy who dares to approach her dealing lots of Arts Damage and she does that with the sweetest voice of them all :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

#4 Specter - This crazy nun gives me so much Bloodborne vibes (my favourite ps4 game) with her church & madness themed character and that pizza cutter she slices the enemies with (there is actually an identical weapon in Bloodborne’s Dlc, the Whirligig Saw :joy:). She can become immortal for 12 seconds with her S2 and deal more damage, a feature that can come in handy whenever there are very strong enemies that you can’t fight with your average Guard (for example Hateful Avengers or Fanatics just to mention two of them). Specter is bae :e7_angelicawoke:

#5 Swire - I choose her for “Gaoo!” reasons mainly, but she can also be useful when you want a Guard to put behind another operator and deal extra damage. I usually use the combo Swire+Ch’en :ak_chen: when I want to use my rich cat girl :fgo_umusmug:

#6 Melantha - She was my first assistant, my very first waifu in the game and I will always respect that. I loved her design from the start, she really reminds me of Akame from Akame Ga Kill. She deals a lot of damage even as a 3 :star:, there isn’t really a duelist like her out there. I still use her from time to time, since she is still actually good even at higher levels. And of course she is the shy-cute type: loving that about her character :heartpulse:


My only guard I use the most is Blaze, well 99% of the time I use Blaze and the other 1% of the time, I use lappaland, and ch’en (rarely specter) and no one else, mousse was used last cc and never since…

I just realised that even if the game is jokingly called Guardknights I rarely use guards (except Blaze) in my line up :fgo_bbsmile:


I use Beehunter because she’s hilarious, but she needs a lot of support to be effective.

Lappland is in my core 6 or so and Ch’en is usually in my main squad.

I need to e2 an aoe guard, but am torn between Specter and Broca. Now there’s this new 6 star guard, I might see if I can hold out for her instead.


The new one is probably more than 6 to 8 months away though?


Right, but I mean, e1 might be enough until then. Plus there’s always friend support. We’ll see I guess.

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True that, friend support is always nice.

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Definitely Silverash. Ever since getting him in the newbie banner, I don’t think he’s ever left my main roster. It’s pretty dumb since I rarely use his third skill, but he’s my favourite operator so why not I guess lol.


Schwing Schwing is an obvious, but I’ve been trying to get away from relying on him so much.

Estelle has been a lot of fun - with her self-healing ability she’s great for taking out hordes of weaker enemies, often needs no or minimal support. Plus she’s friggin beautiful!

Indra has been getting a good amount of use - I even saved up my red certs and just got the guard tokens to boost her potential this week. A super-fast Guard that can turn on Arts damage and self-healing for only 9 DP? Hell yeah! At some point I’ll work on E2’ing her, looks like getting her S2 mastered makes her even more of a wrecking ball.

I’m also finding Bibeak to be a lot of fun, and I’m using her in all my farming right now (partially just to get her Trust up, but it’s letting me see her in action too). The stun-blast-spam is fun, though her S1 is also pretty powerful since it charges so quickly.

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Silverash and lappland, I got both of them in the first Mont, h and since I play defenderknights (Hoshiguma + liskarm), I just use them for the extended range.

I also got Blaze pulling for Bagpipe, so I’ll consider whether or not to use her when I promote her to E2 (basically she’s just going to use her S2)

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The new guard seems like a 6 star arts guard instead of aoe, where did you read that she is aoe?


Ah that would make sense.
I just watched the video and saw her skills blowing everything up.


Oh boy, I wish I had budget Hellagur even more than Hellagur himself. I wonder why? :fgo_ishtarsmug:


I had her at pot 19 by the time I finished my summons for bagpipe… want some?


Thanks for the good news ahaha. I already lost my hope for Nino, but at least a 4 :star: Utage should spook me after a couple more summons :fgo_gaooo:


I only have SA as guard in my core squad as I mainly use Saria and Hoshi/Liskarm for my ground-traffic control while Exu/Eyja/Schwartz provides the DPS. SA only exist as a backup/fail-over in my current game play (i.e., if ranged DPS can’t kill the enemy, I go shwing-shwing). Wish I have Blaze as she really does a great job at dishing out DPS while being almost as tanky as a defender.

Use most of the times:

  • Blaze placed early in the game with S2 maxed.

Use regularly:

  • Specter, to defend a second lane, if I need the slow healing over time, or temporary need to hold a lane under very high dmg.
  • Silverash for spotting invisible folks, using the range, or the burst dmg

Used to use:

  • Melantha, to clear out casters or prevent specific enemies to reach the lines. I have since replaced her by Bagpipe.

I lack some of the other key guards such as Lappland, Chen and Hella. They would probably join the regular category.

Blaze and Specter.

Blaze has since taken over Specter’s role as pseudo-defender with her S2. Seriously, she’s a better defender than most defenders. She just lacks an on-demand burst defense/heal skill for sustainability, but her talent takes care of that anyway.

Specter, having lost the pseudo-defender role, has found new purpose as an emergency wave clearer or assassin since gaining Mastery 3 for her S2. At M3, she only needs to wait 5 seconds to activate her S2 and pretty much eliminate troublesome enemy waves on the spot. Needless to say, this is something Blaze can’t ever compete with her in.

Special mention to Lappland since I recently promoted her. I pair her a lot with Liskarm and they work together so well. And of course, last is SilverAsh who remains sealed and confined to cooldown reduction duty until a worthy foe reveals itself.