Who are the unlimited 4*'s?

I was just wondering if anyone had a list of the meguca whom you can get from the regular rare gacha. (I know we don’t have any limited 4*'s right now, but I just wanted to know if I should save up for Ui or Coolmura prolly a year in advance.)

unlimited girls: https://magireco.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Unlimited
limited girls: https://magireco.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Limited

ah, thanks, somehow I completely didn’t see this xd

coolmura is 100% limited
cause we cant have nice things

what are you talking about? sayaka’s unlimited

only 1 blast disc so shit

she plays nicer with madoka than coolmura though, which I feel is equal parts fitting and unfitting

mean tbh coolmura is a dark buster gorilla
which while nice

hitagi is also a dark buster gorilla and is welfare
and is a better chiwa satou voice
so F