Who are you going to use your Special Ascension on?

I had completely forgotten we were getting this with the 4th anniversary!


Who are you going to use this on?

If I get him I want to use this on Arjuna Alter! Having to farm 5 less Eggs and 6 less hearts just seems too good to be true.

If I don’t get him I would want to use it on Astarte but it looks like the time period to use it will be over before she comes out :(

DaVinci Rider and Reines (if I get them) might be other servants to use it on though their ascension mats aren’t as nasty as Arjuna Alter.

So who are you planning on using this on?


Probably AA if I get him or my gssr, depends on how long after his banner the anniversary is and whether or not the gssr is a new servant, they probably will be though


Ridervinci or GSSR since I’m not really expecting to get Junao while rolling for a copy of the ass clapper.

But also, I was under the impression you still need to pay the QP for the ascensions. I’m sure I’ve heard that from someone but that doesn’t mean it’s true


Whatever ssr I get first while have it


I don’t really know, probably a servant with hard to get mats but i don’t really have someone in mind


Having to pay the QP cost would be a bummer but it is still nice!

And using it on Vinci Rider would save you some gears IIRC so that is a good choice!

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James Moriarty

I’m going all in for him and don’t have the patience nor time to grind him to Max ascension

Either him or Lolinardo da Vinci but probably Moriarty because I don’t intend to go all in for Lolinardo da Vinci at least not to the extent of My Plans For Saberstolfo


If I get someone new from GSSR, then probably that. Otherwise I would have no one to use it on within 90 days besides saber hokusai

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I’ll wait to see who i will have by then.

Between the GSSR, Summer 3 rerun and Summer 4 there is a good amount of servants i could potentially get and use it on.

On JP i just used it on Spartacus because… I think i just wanted the octuplet crystals from his rank up quest.


Can I laugh?

Because I really want to


Good Luck with getting the Dapper Criminal!

I think Saber Hokusai is considered a free servant and not eligible…

I could be wrong.

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She’s a Welfare and Welfare’s are excluded because they can be Max Ascended through their Event


She’s a welfare she’s not eligible afaik


well damn still my odds of getting a dupe on GSSR isn’t that high so there’s still hope.

Otherwise I will just, idk, use it for a esports FP servant?

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We are getting a bunch of new FP servants too!

Maybe Chen Gong?




Prolly gssr or if something shows up during rolling for AA
I don’t think I could wait that long should I get him however I could probably use it on Ash or a spook.

I was planing on a lvl1, 45, and 65 chen gong so that might be worth while :fgo_buster:


Hmm, I don’t really know yet. :feh_arthurthink: We’ll see what candidates I have when we get there. Though a full ascension without using mats sounds really good since I started playing not too long ago. (Anniversary for this game is around June if I heard right?)

I got level 1 Leos and Georges to go along with my fully leveled ones so that might work!

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