Who are you rolling for next year?

Me personally I’m focusing my efforts towards Kama, Arjuna Alter, and Merlin.

Priority wise for me it’s Arjuna > Merlin > Kama.

If i understand the dates and schedule correctly next year will be much like this year was. Roll nearly every banner but these i have my eye on.
Kama no doubt. Dont care how much quartz. Be likr I did with skadi and bb. Go hard.
Merlin. Obvious choice. Don’t look forward to his mats but worth it.
Jack- much like kama. Commimg home if it kills me.

Rest will just try to np2 certain ones. And of course summer banners. But those are top priority for me. And each will cost me a lot. I don’t expect either to come home easy. Arjuna perhaps but not as priority for me likr the list above.

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A lot, but my main target is Super Orion

Other major priorities are best boi maid, Miyu (mostly due to rarity of appearance), Prinny Melt and the Reining troll Sima Yi


The Prillya Ladies, Nero Bride, Da Vinci Rider and Astolfo Saber.

I know, I’m getting too greedy for what is to be the standard of a F2P Master :fgo_casgilworry:


WAVER !! After 12180 sq I keep coming back

I had other plans but they’re out of the window now. We’ll see what happens after Waver.

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Like always, everyone gets some rolls but I do have some top desires.

I listed six places because not counting GSSRs I get between 7 & 8 SSR servants per year (including NP level) and one less is there bc spooks exist. I know some of these placements have two servants but those ones are basically equal in terms of how much I want them so maybe this is a pseudo-tier list.

First place is

Artoria, Godqueen of Bunnies. Physically she’s perfect imo and when I list her traits it just makes her even more attractive. I’ve seen her personality be portrayed in a lot of different ways in comics so I can’t be too sure about whatever that is. She’s getting rolled 100% because of waifu reasons.

Second place is

Reines because after failing Waver again I figure I’ll just let him come when he comes. He’s general pool anyway and if he doesn’t want to come maybe his cute sister does so we can mess with him whenever he shows up. I just hope I get either before SSR ticket so I don’t have to choose between some nice waifus and muh 50% charger.

Third place is

Either Space Ishtar or Summer Musashi because I tend to have good luck with Avengers & Summer servants and they’re both nice loopers with Castoria when she comes along. I actually prefer Summer Musashi’s design but prefer Space Ishtar’s personality from what I’ve been able to gather. Honestly either is fine but if I have to sacrifice Musashi for the Godqueen I will do it in a heartbeat.

Fourth place is

Scathach because now she too is a Godqueen of Bunnies (now with a targetable battery!). She’d be higher if the strengthening & costume weren’t so far off, and she was lower before I knew about her changes.

Fifth place is

Tamamo. She suffers by having her rateup around the time of Scathach, and her having a less attractive design/personality than the servants above her, and being general pool. But she’s still just a great addition and would let me do certain Arts looping more easily until Castoria arrives among some other things.

Sixth place is

Shared between Kama & Summer BB who I don’t really need, I just kind of want because they’re incredibly attractive. Kama FA has the nicer body than Summer BB imo but I already have Jack so from a gameplay perspective she’d be more redundant than Summer BB who is weird but is obviously more unique in what she could do for me. If I didn’t have Jack, Kama could be in any of the top 3 positions. Hard for me to tell how much I’m really valuing Jack and how much I’ll like her character compared to the other top 2.

For the 5-stars I’m rolling for, the 4-star servants I’m looking most forward to for those banners are


Calamity Jane, Astraea, and Okita Summer in that order.

Side Note

It sure is nice to have to worry less about gameplay as you get more options available. The fact that having Jack means that I rate Kama at sixth place instead of somewhere between first through third really shows that.

I’m also open to being swayed by individual character personalities like I was by Napoleon who I wasn’t interested in before Lostbelt 2, but obviously I can’t know those without spoiling myself.


Waver, Reines and whatever servant that can help me get out of this time loop of repeating threads.


I get the sentiment but I don’t actually mind these threads because it reminds me to update my copy of FGO manager based off of who I’ve gotten and who I’ve failed to get recently.


Kiara, Asclepius, Carmilla Rider and Space Ishtar.

I have Kiara already, but she could really use NP2+ and so could Old man Yagyu. Ooku has both of them in the same banner.

Asclepius is great and i only need one or two copies.

Carmilla Rider is really sexy and i love her outfits. That’s it.

Space Ishtar’s 1st ascension is really cool and herself is really strong. NP2 or above will also make her better in the future when Caster Artoria comes.

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Illya/Miyu, Reines, Zerk Musashi and Avenger Ishtar.

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Definitely rolling for (based on 2021 calendar):

  1. Kama
  2. Reines/Nero Bride (Still torn about who’s the better support)
  3. Summer Musashi
  4. Space Ishtar (NP2)

No changes since the last time I made an entire thread about this same topic :stuck_out_tongue:


This is probably like a monthly topic for people who change their goals for banners. For people who spend a bit too much it rarely makes a difference. For F2P its the world though.


Yeah but Clairvoyance EX, and no major changes have occurred on the JP side since Castoria descended from the heavens.


Yeah, that clairvoyance is both a blessing and a curse. If only it was enough of a drive for me to be more selective on banners instead of rolling on like 50% of all banners.


No major changes?

Have you SEEN that bunny girl costume? :fgo_buster:

The strengthen is nice too, I guess.


Second attempt at getting Dantes -> Merlin -> Space Ishtar. With a single multi-roll or so on Kama and Arjuna Alter’s banners because I want them and also Parvati and Asclepius.

I MAY decide to throw a few pulls at MHXX just cuz I want a Foreigner and she’s the easiest mathematically speaking. Also, I really like her character. Oh, I also plan to do a single multi-roll on the class-based summon banner because I don’t have any Avengers either. At worst, I get an NP 5 Salieri. At best, I can get Jeanne or Sitonai.

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It kind of depends on Thanksgiving, but in general, I am mainly after Reines, Merlin, and Space Ishtar. I am really excited about them.

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Ngl I’m majorly turned off by bunny girl aesthetics. So overdone.

My Scathach is NP2, which is enough for me for the foreseeable future. I do like her, but not enough to whale her over my priority targets.



Speaking for me personally the Celtic godqueen is a servant I’ve wanted for a while and this moved her up in my opinion. I’m also a far way off from bunny girl saturation. I love seeing serious girls embrace a more fun-loving side of themselves that has them “let their hair down” so to speak. Even better when they’ve already got an amazing body like Lartoria and ScaSca. Despite my jokes, it’s not really just because she’s a bunny girl but more that because I think it’s a costume done well that is good for someone like her. It’s not just slapped on like Shiki’s.