Who are your 2023 (and 2024?) gacha targets?

As 2022 winds down, I’ve been looking ahead at future servants to understand how much SQ I might have to save.

Going into 2022, I had Space Ishtar, lucked into lolivici & Skadi, so I had very few goals:

  1. Castoria
  2. Ticket Waver (else Tammy)
  3. Merlin & Reines

I ended up lucksacking Waver, Merlin & Reines, which was really awesome; thus, I was able to spend SQ relatively freely chasing other SSRs and NP2s (with mediocre results as the luck balanced out).

2023 has more hard targets:

  • Melusine
  • Daji (Light)
  • Oberon
  • Daji (Dark)

Even with the 900 SQ guarantee, this is probably going to eat ALL of my SQ for the year. Plus, I also want to NP2 Spishtar and pick up Sith, Morgan, and summer Kamavenger (her cuteness has grown on me).

Then, 2024 adds a couple more hard targets:

  • femerlin
  • summer Skadi

Average luck nets 6-8 SSRs annually, but both Spishtar and Castoria cost me 600+ SQ each. If I don’t lucksack some of those targets, the SQ situation is looking pretty grim.

How do the next 12-20 months look for the rest of you? Better? Worse? Or are you just going to abuse the hell outta wallet-kun?

I see discussion on the upcoming New Years GSSR, so I went and did that as well:

Stole the banner graphic from the GSSR thread, because it’s super relevant. I wish I had seen it when I was making this in the first place. Thanks!


Haven’t the time to deepscan the list yet, so for now, suffice to say that for 2023, Melusine is Priority One (and guaranteed).

I’ll also make some attempts for Taira, Galatea, and Chihuahua (need to look closer at the difference between Light and Dark versions).

Oh, and, unless she finally shows up of her own accord (which is quite unlikely), I’ll be using the Anniversary’s 5* Giveaway Ticket to get Scheherazade.

Furthermore, I know even less about 2024, except that Summer Wu is Priority One (and… not, guaranteed…)



  • NP2+ preferred for high priority not named Koyin, particularly Morgan for being a potential 120 target.
  • Oberon and Molay are luxury supports so I can live without them. Molay is passable since she’d be mainly just for van Gogh, and I can’t rely too much on getting Oberon right away when resources would be needed for two Grail targets close enough to his release, on top of another preferred support so he might have to be saved for Road to 7
  • Forgot van Gogh in the pic, but I’ll also be aiming for NP copies if everything else has been going well when she returns


  • Only need 1 copy of Cu Alter for 120 after the SSR ticket in 2023
  • Lady Avalon and Summer Skadi are also luxury supports, but I’d see myself using them more than Oberon and since the rest of the year has nothing enticing I could afford to try a bit more for them
  • As mentioned above, Road to 7 is my second chance for both Oberon and also NP copies for Muramasa if this new year’s doesn’t start off so lucky

Half of my targets are optional supports (Koyin being the only non-negotiable one) so that should be a relief on my wallet if NP chasing goes well enough. If this year is anything to go by, rerun spam can be looked forward to if anything goes wrong the first time around.


Main targets are:

  1. Oberon
  2. Koyanskaya
  3. Morgan

In that order for me, I originally had Morgan at the top of the list but with each summon banner that she shows up she drops further down that list to the point that I am considering skipping her first banner. Then there is a bunch of interesting characters that I like but I am not committing to rolling;

Summer Kama, Melusine, Taira no Kagekiyo, Caren, Miss Crane, Jacques De Molay and Summer Okita

They are all interesting in their own unique way, it will be a game time decision for me.


x5 ( or however many they will let me have, pain threshold is 2 which is also the amount I’m expected to get)

x10 (or however many they will let me have, pain threshold is five or six I really should take note of this eh)

x1 (encouraged to come with anniversary quartz and bolster my fund for the seis a bit)

All of these are getting the grail treatment, in the case of koya soon :tm: :tm: :tm: , and are thus not negotiable.
So the upcoming ones all are me straying from my plans for lack of willpower, those are oberon, sith (you might see where this is going), lancer ryouma, morgan and maybe okuni.
Knowing myself all bets are off for oberon and sith since they run together and lancer ryouma since he’s shaping up to be a real 120 contender down the line despite my best efforts to suppress his existence, gonna need to be in peak condition to stay away from the summon tab for the duration of their banners.
If I don’t it’s probably on sight.
Next year’s big rude, hence why I haven’t thought about 2024 much beyond rounding up the remaining summer seis on forced split rate-up :catburn:
Bakin, don, and lady avalon are neat enough but they honestly might lose out against some NP levels I have in the back of my mind.


Summer Sei and Caenis are probably my biggest targets just because they’re alts of characters I like, so I miiiight summon them. Not entirely sold on the idea yet, but I might be willing to fork over some SQ for them once Summer hits.
I also wanna get Gogh since I had to skip her this year. She’d help my roster out a lot.

Other than that… maybe Arcueid? I like her NP animation due to how nostalgic it makes me for the rooftop scene in TsukiRe, and I wasn’t able to NP5 her on JP, so it wouldn’t feel like I’m reachieving a goal I’d already achieved before. Not much of a Buster user, but Arc is best.

If nothing else interesting comes to JP in the next two years which will probably be the case I’ll maybe go for Oberon. I’ve long since accepted that Santa Suzuka and Summer Medea will never exist, and there’s no way Jing Ke gets an alt even if the strangely large amount of love she gets in events keeps me coping, so I may as well default to meta picks.


A much xalmer two years for me. This year I had a ton of targets and NP5 Ibuki, but now my roster is pretty beefy so my targets are fewer.


  • NP2-3 Muramasa
  • NP3-5 Morgan (she has a ton of banners and I want to NP5 Barghest)
  • NP2 Melusine
  • NP1 Koyan light
  • NP1 Oberon
  • NP1 summer Kama
  • NP 1-2 Jacques (for Gogh shenanigans)

Might throw some tickets if I can at the Okitan banner for summer Corday but I have an NP4 Sanzang so not a big priority.


  • NP1 Koyan Dark
  • NP1 summer Tammy
  • NP1 squirtotia (to make mine NP2)
  • NP2 arc
  • NP1 femlin
  • NP5 summer Ibuki
  • NP1 summer Skadi

I don’t mind finishing Morgan on 2024, she is not that high of a priority for now.

Out of all these targets, only Koyan light, Oberon, summer Skadi and summer Ibuki are absolutely must rolls for me. All others are nice but not essential.




Hikari Koyan (just one copy)
Yami Koyan


Two more copies of Quirinus
More copies of Moriarty


12 Koyanskayas and two Skadi’s with whatever this amount will be by then without spending, please. With a side of their respective buster crit CE’s too of course.

My odds are absolutely shitty though so I’ll hold my breath.


2023 in order of priority:

  • No.1 Priority for me atm is saving enough to hit pity on Oberon’s banner. I read ahead in this one instance, so I can say with confidence Moth’s my favourite LB6 character and probably my favourite FGO character in a long time, I absolutely adore everything about him from character to his artist, theme and VA. His strong gameplay and new class is ultimately a bragging point to say “Look at my fav with his strong kit” to me as I would’ve rolled even if he had a kit that was abysmal. :fgo_medealove:

Have Oberon on JP at Lvl 100, on the road to gold fou’ing and am hoping my NA will be able to say the same when the time comes. :feh_lilithpray:

  • 2nd Priority is Jiang Ziya, can take more chances with this one cause Gen Pool and he gets 3 banners up to this point, with 1 guaranteed every CBC (I hope). He was probably the best part of Tunguska to me and while I did like Koya’s overall arc more than most, to me he carried the chapter, and I rather adore him as proven by my NP3 Lvl 100 on JP. NP3 may prove hard on NA, but I’d at least like to have and grail him anyway. :fgo_lipburrito:

Both of these characters take up my top 2 most wanted spots in FGO atm even outside of 2023 plans and including old servants I don’t have/want NP levels on. :feh_lilithpray:

  • Koya of Light is gonna be a banner that will frustrate me to no end. Her debut is before Oberon and since our Anni is a month before JP’s I’m fully expecting no banner overlap between the two, which … :catdestroy: (god I wish we follow JP’s example and have the 2 banners overlap, so I can throw any leftovers post Oberon at her :catlie: ). Her second banner is right after JZY’s debut banner :feh_nino: . I like her enough, but I will not lie, I’m here for gameplay as a lot of my favs are Buster and I feel it’s my obligation to bring out their best potential. This is kinda why she’s lower than the other two, I’m a character/love over gameplay, even meta kinda person. Have her on JP and have seen how much of a monster she can make my favs so I want her, but damn is her timing unfortunate :catroll:

  • Lancer Ryouma (having a chance at NP5’ing my (grailed) Izou is a bonus) is a character I would love to have, but comes right before JZY so I honestly don’t know what I’ll do. I have them grailed on JP as well, and again would love to have both their versions on NA grailed, but alas curse the timing. :catlie: We’ll see if I roll or not I guess. :catsupine:

  • The only Summer servant I want is an alt whose OG refuses to grace me. Nastya has long been a fav, and one hopes her Summer form can be kinder than her OG. :feh_lilithpray:

This year is gonna be tough on me, certainly cause I have so many wants but mostly cause it’s a year that went perfectly on my JP, and I have all these servants grailed (minus Koya who’s at Lvl90) and more, it makes me expect things of my NA, but I know disappointment may be inevitable. NA is also the unluckier of the two which both depresses and terrifies me cause it’s my main.

2024 is atm pretty much a haze of: We’ll plan after I get the first two wants of 2023. :fgo_lipburrito:


Morgan and Koyanskaya of Light are easily the ones I’m mostly aiming at. I won’t settle until I have at least NP2 Morgan. Koyan is mostly because of my absolute love of Support Servants in general, and a lot of my faves are Buster Oriented. :fgo_buster:


I’ve just gone through the upcoming banners and noted down the ones that are of interest so I can keep track of what’s coming up:

  • 01/01 Muramasa
  • 20/01 Taira
  • 10/02 Armor
  • 21/04 Hokusai
  • 19/05 Summer Tomoe
  • 11/06 Morgan
  • 14/07 Melusine
  • July Koyanskaya
  • 11/08 Oberon
  • 01/09 Morgan
  • 08/09 Summer OkitaA/Kama
  • 22/11 Ryouma Lancer
  • 02/12 Hokusai

My main goal is to fill the holes in my roster, which are:
AOE: Berserker and Ruler.
ST: Archer, Rider, Avenger.

To that end:

  • I’m rolling Red Knights 1 on GSSR for a chance at Squirtoria (I can’t see any other ST Archer rateups).
  • Rolling for Taira (ST Avenger)
  • Rolling for Morgan (AOE Berserker)
  • SSR Ticket is going to Quetz (ST Rider)
  • Not super interested in Armor (AOE Ruler) and it’s not really a class type i’m hurting for.

Koyan is something I want because I have a bunch of Buster servants and no support for them, the rest are just banners i’m interested in.


Let’s tackle this then…

It’s very much this right here.

Okay lessee…

2023 in order:
Maid - 1 copy for np6 and unlocking all appends
Shirou - np1+
Taira - np1 maybe
Crane - np1
Morgan - np6 for instant 120
Lolilot - np3 across her 2 banners
Koya Ass. - np6 across her 2 banners for 120
Oberon - np1
Okitan - np1+
Kama A. - np1+
Jacques - np5 on her '23 & '24 banners
Tamamo CE - MLB

Now 2024:
Koya Fore. - np1
Shishou - np1 (maybe cuz appends if no Kagetora coins)
Morgan/Tristan CE - MLB
Trung sisters - np1
Jarcher - 6th copy for appends
Arc - np1
Lady A - np11 for 2 level 120s and a esport copy
Ibuki - np1 if possible
Skadi - np1
Morgan CE - MLB
If Grand Salter - np7 for instant 120 and appends

Pray for wallet-kun cuz he’s working hard these next 2 years…


Main “targets”:


  • Muramasa NP5~6,
  • Queen Medb NP1 & MLB Medb CE,
  • Morgan NP6~7,
  • Koyanskaya of Light NP6,
  • Oberon NP1~5,
  • maybe Caren, Miss Crane, Melusine and Summer Kama,
  • most likely MLB Nerofest CE ft. Bryn and MLB Tamamo Tunguska CE.


  • Dark Koyanskaya NP6~7,
  • Nero Bride NP3~4 & MLB Street Choco-Maid CE,
  • Arcueid NP6~11,
  • Lady Avalon NP2,
  • Summer Skadi NP6,
  • possibly Bazett ft. MLB Morgan CE and Summer Ibuki,
  • most likely MLB Morganfest CE ft. Britomart or Kriemhild.

Light Koyan, Oberon, and most importantly both Kamas.


I only roll for love so here are my targets :

  • Get higher NP level :
    Summer Kiara, Fujino, Douman, Cu Caster, Izou and as weird as it sounds, Magical Girl of Sapphire.
  • New servants : Barghest, Baobhan Sith, Mori, Ryouma Lancer and Cleopatra.
    Although this may change if when reading events I start losing interest in the servant as there are some that haven’t yet been added to the story

2023 is pretty packed so my rolls will (probably) be as follows

Muramasa at NY (if I can get him with what little SQ I have after Dioscuri drained me)
Morgan (NP2+ preferably) on her first banner
Koyan at Anni
Oberon whenever he arrives
3 more copies of MGoS for MLB
Summer Kama with what little I may have left
May roll for Melusine in December but that’s tbd

Other than these no targets really stick out to me doubt I’ll be rolling for much else. Not that I’ll have the opportunity to anyway with most my targets concentrated in the same ~2 months.


I made this thread first :fgo_criticalhit: (not really though)

But in regards to the question:

  • space ishi or muramasa (i’m trying to see which one would be the better option if I try to separate my accounts, or just decide not to spend everything on one account. Plus, I have mu-zerker on my main and mini-vinci.)

  • Taira seems fun, but I used her a few times on jp and she’s not my type of servant. Her event may change my view though.

  • Galatea is basically a ST space ishi.

  • skips to LB6

*The entire LB6 banner system is a HARD GO!

*Summer Kama is simply :fgo_horny:

*Saber okitan has been nerfed too much (rip). Curse you rengoku :fgo_moriartymad:


*Gudaguda event: gotta round out my maou nobu.


Not weird at all! MGoS is an amazing CE. Non-MLB is 40%, which goes perfectly with 20% ML and 20% + 20% DCS for the T1 NP, freeing up the 30% boosts and whatever the DPS has natively. It’s my go-to for patching and stabilizing any sort of DCS / Arts looping. I think MGoS is basically on par with Kscope, it’s so super convenient. That said, I won’t actually pull for it, because I have way too many Servants competing for SQ for me to entertain allocating any of my meager F2P budget toward CEs.

Or, you could be a Miyu fan.

Either way, I don’t judge.


2023 will be aiming for NP5 Melusine for me, and saving/buying enough SQ to guarantee pity for both Koyan light and Oberon.

If I feel like it maybe NP2 Morgan, unless I had really bad luck with Melusine. Probably gonna roll for Morgan on her second banner so I could assess the damage situation.

2024 on the other hand feels pretty meh so far on the SSR side (on the SR side we have Heph and Kriem, prob will roll for the former). I’ll prob roll for S Skadi and Proto Merlin, but these are nowhere near as game-changing as Castoria/Oberon/Koyan light.

Arcueid did pique my interest but still undecided on her. Unlike SpIshtar/AA/Melusine she didn’t immediately strike me as someone I want to go all-in for. S Ibuki is a straight upgrade over SpIshtar but I’m not a fan of her design so I’ll pass.