Who are your 2023 (and 2024?) gacha targets?

Unless you want to raise duplicate copies at NP2+ for some reason, remember that NP7+ provides no additional rewards under the current coin system except further reducing bond requirement for 120 and all Appends. NP6 gets you everything for SSRs.

They will probably give us more ways to spend coins, but chances are good that they will also introduce more ways to earn them outside of gacha since grails and Appends are already a tremendous sink for non-whales.


Personally, I was really surprised that people are targeting NP6+ in the first place, given that in-game mechanics cap at NP5, and that NP5 averages something like 1500 SQ at nominal odds. That’s some seriously impressive commit!


Oh right almost forgot, my 2023 SSR ticket would probably go to Medb for the occasionally useful male buffs. Can’t remember if we’re getting another SSR ticket in 2024, but if we do, I have no idea who to pick lol, I don’t think many of the gen/story pool servants offer much for my roster. Ganesha probably?


You do need NP6 for SSRs if you want to be able to grail to 120 and unlock all three Appends. You can’t currently get enough coins, otherwise.


Lets see depending on how much the winds of fortune bless me


-Kyon of light
-Summer Caenis
-Ryo and Oreo

-Kyon of dark
-Lady Avalon
-Summer Skadi

Fairly simple list, Fox wife in both forms, and Skadi all happen to be meta choices and alternate versions of some of my favorites so that’s always nice. Morgan bc I like her kit, Bazette bc I think her gimmick will be fun to play with, Avalon for moar supports to enable teams, and Caenis and R+O just bc i like them.


It’s even dumber if we look at SRs lol, I don’t even want to think about getting a 120 triple append SR.


Yes, I agree with you and I am aware of that. NP7 are for the servants I want to instantly 1evel 120 with all three appends open (since you need to get to bond 12 with NP6).

I am quite convinced that they will release two more appends in the future; one possibly being related to increase in NP damage/effect.


It’s really sad that even if you get your desired SSR to NP5 and Bond 15, you’re still short of 30 coins for the full Append + lvl 120. I feel like this should be doable, as the greatest sign of accomplishment, but alas. :pensive:


My hope is for NP Gain Up and Crit Star Gen, but I wouldn’t kick NP Strength Up out of bed.


NP Gain Up and Crit Star Gen sound more realistically possible ;)


We all know at least one of them is going to be something like anti moon cancer crit damage resistance. lol


Jeanne still has room for Anti-Avenger NP Damage Plus.


As someone who’s looking to 120 an SR just doing that for a Limited or Story locked SR is NP5 and bond 8. If you want the full suite it’s NP10 and bond 14 for that. If you want to do that for a gen pool SR it’s far far worse requiring NP16 and bond 15.


January GSSR for sure (and I decided the one I’m rolling on for that, I just can’t remember it without seeing the options. EDIT: Red Extra, leaning towards 2 but really I have the same odds for happy on either 1 or 2 so I guess I didn’t fully decide yet), while I want more copies of Spishtar and Semiramis I don’t think I’ll have the SQ for them. Avenger Ushi is cool and I’d be happy with her showing up in a GSSR someday but also I need to prioritize.

I might throw something at Crane in April because I like her really big hat/design/NP animation, and to scratch the gacha itch, but nothing crazy.

Throwing all my SQ at Bryn in June since I want 120 w/all appends someday

NP1 Oberon, Koyanchihuhua, and summer GSSR (don’t remember the pools on this one so no idea who to aim for). Use the SSR ticket on Vlad.

NP2 Anastasia minimum for Summer.

Try for Jacques but I don’t know what I’ll have after that craziness. NP1 is fine.

NP2 Lancer Ryouma and if I have the grails take him to 100.

2024 I haven’t fully committed to anyone yet.

Jiang Ziya, maybe. Koyanskaya 2, maybe. Kriemhild, maybe. Don Quixote, maybe.

Bazett? Absolutely + I think I want her to get Gold Fous
Lady Merlin and Summer Skadi, absolutely.

Nobody interesting to me after that, Huyan Zhou could have been but she only had that 1 good ascension IMO and GudaGuda Saber has a nice design but a bad kit.


Ugh, GSSR. I still haven’t decided for New Year’s.


As for rolling plans. 2023 has 1 more copy of Spishtar, NP5 Barghest(and however many Morgan decide to show up while rolling for Barg), NP1 Vitch, then things get complicated as realistically I’m out of SQ at that point but might be able to swing Summer Okitan or Ryouma if I dedicate to just one. Have to see how I feel about it since they’re both ultimately unnecessary even if I really like them.

2024 is just NP2-3 Kreim so that Summer can absolutely fuck me on rolling both Ibuki and Skadi back-to-back. Preference is NP2 Ibuki and NP1 Skadi, but Skadi takes priority for being absolutely gorgeous.


I want a lot of targets next year but I’m gonna try my best to save for one Oberon. I just love his design and that fat 70% battery. Other than him, I want to np++++ Percival. Why? HOT. That’s all. Best of luck to everyone!


Whatever GSSR has Sigurd on it is the one I’ll pick.

He might be my 2nd candidate for lvl 120 after my Murasaki. :cat:


GSSR gave me NP2 of him last year, so I might just pick his banner for the hell of it.

I was choosing banners with AA for a 6th copy, but that third Append is such a waste of coins, and I don’t really care about getting more copies of anyone else on that upcoming banner.


I got NP1 of him during Summer Camp and I tried relentlessly to get more NP levels throughout the entire event duration.

Only at the very end that I was blessed with a double Sigurd roll of the 10th ticket summon. :fgo_nitocry:

Anything that’ll get me closer to NP5 (GSSR’s mostly) will be tried.