Who are your favorite mixed tanks?

i like to run a cheaty little team for higher difficulty maps where i have a mixed tank (sheena, nowi) with l!eliwood & l!azura to follow them around. who are your most reliable mixed tanks and who would you work with these two units? i’m specifically curious about red & colorless mixed tanks since i don’t have one but i’d love to see any others too!


My best tank in general.


Echidna :feh_bkhaha:


Mamori is a stronk tank :feh_legion:



My favorite mixed tank is a unit with decent defense but res lower than 20, which I increase up to 40 using superinvestment /s


Distant Counter Itsuki is currently my best tank. I run him with Titania/Robin/Seth, a refresher with Wings of Mercy, and L!Eliwood to clear most PvE maps.


*shows Idoun for the umpteenth time* :feh_kleinyes:

Asides her I don’t have anyone else that doubles as a mixed tank.
I’ve used her with L!Azura and L!Eliwood though, indeed :feh_disgusting::ok_hand:t2:


My favorite mixed tanks:

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I despise any sort of defensive unit without mixed defenses. The only ones I use are Brunnya and dc/vantage laevatein and that’s only because they get enough bonus stats to take a hit from both sides.

My favorite is Nowi and her kid

I also have Idunn and a few offensive units with both stats well over 30, and I also just started building this


2 ranged slow tank.

Mobile fast tank

1 ranged slow tank.

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Itsuki is a good one. So is Echidna

Beruka can work but you basically leave her def alone and focus on Res if you want to go that route


A thread about mix tank’s… and no one @ me… oh well I’m here now

The one I'm most known for around here

Her Resplendent Attire is very noice

The 2 Axe mix Tank’s



I have a lot of mixed tanks. These are the ones i have the most fun with.

Pair me with Kaden and watch the world burn

Makes most Abyssals an absolute joke

Bracing Stance seal when?

Brave Ike: No DC Edition

It should always take effort to have a fast armor

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Arthur is my go-to tank.

Besides makin a 4 man Arden comp meme team, these 3 have been used quite abit as my mixed tanks.

Altina with B!Lucina basically feels like a B!Ike strat to me and obviously my best mixed tank so far

Lissa has surprised many people in my AR def and im now thinking of flowering her up :feh_hector:

Sheena has always been a favorite since launch and keeping Aether cooldowns in both phases has been busted, no matter the health that aether will hit sooner than later when i want it

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B Hector is incredibly reliable,
Special fighter,res buff and mirror stance gives him decent res to go along with his def.

My Shannan’s kit is mixed phased with Repel
75 atk
49 def
61 spd
44 res

Overall though,my main tanks consists of damage reduction.

I get quite a kick out of how balanced my Libra’s stats are.

Still waiting for his revival.

And the now “super whaled but not actually whaled because it was all FTP Orbs and took over a year” unit, in two different flavors.

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