Who can be the grand berserker?

There are 3 grand left to show what would be Saber, Rider and Berserker, but with the controversy that there is with the next losbelt about who will be the great knowledge
But now we will focus on who could be the grand berserker. He could be the strongest but with little sanity, crazy, ruthless, fearless, etc.
So do you think who can meet these standards will be a god or maybe a human
So tell me your opinions
We must also add that type mercury and beast VII are going to be in losbelt 7 and I have to suppose that 2 grand will be needed for this threat or who knows how capable the grand know will survive and help us in the last losbelt


Inb4 grand berserker is completely sane.


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Some famous barserkers from history are Bödvar Bjarki from the Hrólfr Kraki saga, Sigmund, father of Sigurd (yes, the Saber from Gottendammerrung)… Heck, Cù on his Berserker form is a nightmare to see (not Cù Alter, but his transformation told on his stories)


It depends on the class for the requirement of being a Grand Servant to my knowledge, so I don’t really know what the specific requirement would be to become the highest rank of a berserker.

I kind of feel Cain from the Bible would be my guess as the Grand Bereserker, for him being renown as the first murderer.

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Yeah, all we know of is that Caster needed Clairvoyance EX (we all are Grand Casters :fgo_buster: ) and Archer, looking at Orion, needed Independent Action EX. Both make certain sense, latter even being class skill. For zerker, dunno, Madness Enhancement EX? this is not really rare nowadays…

My thought are:
We know he is Servant of Daybit and all Crypter Servants so far were related to their respective Lostbelts.
Daybit was seen near Ticali in the opening
Grand Berserker will be related to Maya ore some closely related culture (Aztec? Olmec?)


Riyo’s Gudako a.k.a. “The salty gacha player” :stuck_out_tongue:


Prob Tezcatlipoca. The location is too much of a coincidence.


My problem with this is: would DW really make a Pseudo-Servant (cause as high ranking Divine Spirit, he can not be summoned another way) one of the Grands?

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Don’t we have Quirinus case? IIRC we used Caligula as a vessel to summon him so he’s like a Pseudo-Servant?


Oooh, avoiding jp spoilers as much as I can, aside from new Servants. So this is how it was. OK then, stand corrected. And with my knowledge of region, can’t even propose anybody else. Who then will be his vessel? Taiga face Grand Servant to put horror into all Emiya- and Rin-faces? :laughing:

Cain has always been my thought as well.


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No, joke lul

I am not sure. Just here to learn the answer(s) too! :fist_right::fist_left:

Grand Berserker: Beowulf

If he is the Grand Zerk, i would be so proud of him…
(My first gold zerk)


Ahhh… so that’s why his Madness Enhancement is so low ranked (was: shit)!:flushed:

But clearly the grand berserker is

Nyantalanta Alter, the angry Cat.

Queen of Lionesses, honorary boar and friend of cats.


You also forgot friend of all children evil, neutral or good. :+1:


But wait. Didn’t the Zeus LB leaks thread already answer this? They showed all the candidates for the grand class containers.

Yes, but the Zerk one is the hardest guess bc its requirement are… off imo


Ahhh… Alas…

Ya, given what was said in that thread about the Grand Berserker my thoughts went to Cain. It was something about being crazy since the beginning. I viewed “since the beginning” as a look at time and Cain would be one of the oldest people you could view as a Berserker.