Who can counter Brave Ike?

Brave Ike with his Urvan (+Eff) + Aether + Distant Counter + Quick Riposte is really hard to defeat.
In your opinion, which units can counter him ?
Thank you in advance.


AoEs and/or units with Hardy Bearing. :feh_legion:


Deal with him on Enemy Phase, not Player Phase. He isnt nearly as threatening then.

There’s also AoE Special mages like Sonya, Nino and the rampant Ophelia, since their Special dodges his damage reduction.


I try to find units that have high Arena Score.
Do you think that Black Knight with (Alondite + Black Luna + Fierce Breath + Bold Fighter) can counter him ?

Pain+ Atk/Spd Solo 3 Savage Blow Wrazzle Dazzle healers

Get a proper red tank that Ike can smash himself against on Enemy Phase. That’s what I do.

Anyone who can do out of combat damage hard counters him as out of combat damage completely circumvents Urvan. So Savage Blow, Poison Strike, Pain+, and AoE specials are all very effective.

Ophelia, the most popular AoE spammer, completely wrecks him unless he has a ridiculous amount of Res support, which should never happen if he is under AI control.

If it’s for Arena a Pain+ staff user with C Duel Infantry is the most effective high scoring option to chip him down.


There’re several things that can. 1. Most notably, first round AOE special. 2. Hardy Bearing on a red unit. 3. Strong red unit that runs Galeforce, such as Brave Roy.


Pretty much anyone when spec’d right. If you really want to go over kill, use a high nuking fast/brave mage with Hardy Bearing. Dead Ike. But really, my Matthew deals with Ike just fine even without hardy bearing. Just enemy phase him.

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If it’s in Arena, then you can use your red unit to enemy phase B!ike then use your blue unit to chip his hp down further. Because B!ike doesn’t have SB, it’ll be pretty easy

For AR I use Alm with Hardy Bearing in deffense and works pretty well

Cav staff with dazzling pain+, atk/spd solo 3, double savage blows and wrathful staff. I use Elise because I got lucky with a +SPD and another for merging, but Nanna and Priscilla would work fine too or basically any healer with mobility and a decent atk stat.

I usually send in my Walhart. Walhart is too physically oppressing with 60+ defense and 70+ attack before blue buffs. Checking Ike’s skills also helps so you will know what phase to focus on. If Walhart doesn’t work for whatever reason my Healer Lissa can destroy almost everything with every stat being in the 50s-70s range.
These aren’t exactly counters as I’m either playing in my favor or super supporting but in most cases you’d just want a really good red. Black Knight can do a good job when built right or any character with a lot of true damage built into them which is daggers/healers and of course power-creep units.


My Windsweep/Galeforce Byleth has no issues with him. Brave Camilla beats him easily as well. Honestly, any Wrazzledazzle healer with decent ATK and/or SPD probably could.

Another Walhart brother :feh_morganagrom::feh_hridexcited:


I might be wrong, but i do recall S!Ishtar being able to 1 round brave Ike with her quad attack

A good brave Ike user pumps his res and hp up to heaven, if he can. Mine has summoner support and is +1 right now for example, with def/res bond (or atk/res bond) and completely wrecks those mages. Just in case u want to know how to use it, he REALLY wants the support of an infantry breath user to proc aether 24/7. Brave Ike is currently the best tank in the game and will continue to be the higher you merge/support him. Actually now tanking 3 guys in aether raids on a row with my red micaiah w infantry hexblade and ploys.

It depends on how much both are merged, their builds and support. But, generally speaking, Ike survives. A +10 Ike with flowers and +res IV survives easily.

Aside from what everyone else has said, inflict some kind of Guard effect on him and separate him from the almost inevitable Brave Lucina, then brawl with a good red and win the special race. BK with Special Fighter seems like he’d work just fine if you have Special Fighter to throw around. Thematically appropriate as well.

L!Alm with hardy bearing is the easiest way to kill him for me (that doesn’t involve any additional setup other than just having the hardy bearing seal). A red unit with an AOE would be easier but I think 99.9% of the people do not have an IP team for offense…