Who do you like better? (Da Vinci)

You can debate why if you like too. Mine will always be Caster Da Vinci.

  • Leonardo Da Vinci (Da Vinci Chan, Caster))
  • Da Vinci (Loli, Rider)

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the loli rider actually showed up in my rollings

I managed to some how get Caster Da Vinci on the class specific banners last month.

Rider has had more fun main story dialogue and I came to like her despite starting from a “Eh, a loli version for part 2?” point.


I love the beautiful and clever Caster Da Vinci.

Rider is more useful as a servant and she tries hard!


OG. :fgo_davinci:


I can’t choose! They both came home, both have fun gameplay, and both are enjoyable in story!


Rider is more fun with the dialogue, but OG Da Vinci, especially when paired with Roman, was the best support a Master could ask for.


im split here.

gameplay: rider vinci with np spam/charge support. I’m already loaded on aoe casters, sadly too.

design: caster vinci, not just in actual art design( not a loli, caster FA got thiccc thiiiiighs ), but I also feel like the writing for caster vinci keeps her more grounded/closer to her historical namesake. Can’t really be thaaaaat mad at the fate series’ “liberal” redesigns of source characters from history, but in part one, I still feel like she gets more opportunity to act like, well, da vinci. In the later lostbelts it feels like they are giving more “appreciate my genius moments” to holmes or sion than ridervinci(note: still only 2 chapters in to lb 5.1 at the time of this post).


Caster’s arrogance used to grate on me from time to time. Rider wins here.

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honestly i dont care for either but atleast aoe riders arent as common as casters so she gets my vote

I don’t know man. I feel closer to her little clone to be honnest. She grows up with us and discover a lot while journeying with us. Adult Vinci is like a close yet far friend. So I definitly like Loli Vinci better just for the fact that you can share everything you go through with her during the story.

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I can’t pick, they both have their good points

Da Vinci caster: I love how full of herself she can be, her retorts can petty or brutal and it doesn’t feel off, and she’s great when she has someobe to play off of.

Da vinci rider:


That said, rider is just a bit more cheerfull than the original, and conceptually a bit more interesting, when she compares herself to the original


I’m planning to grail them both, so I’m not about to choose.

Da Vinci is Da Vinci. No matter her form, she’s amazing.


Caster Da Vinci feels like the fun aunt that will be having fun most of the time but will be serious when she needs to be. While Rider Da Vinci feels like a little sister that’s excited to see everything and will show you the picture of her trip to the zoo or something.

The two just give off very different vibes to me. Maybe I might lean slightly towards Caster just because she was my 1st SSR

Grailed them both tho no regrets.


I love me some da Vinci classic. Da Vinci zero has some fine lines particularly when she is trying to get QSH to smite her in Lb3 but Da Vinici classic was just the perfect mission support. Funny, informative, helpful, supportive, and a fun take on the character. She is exactly to person I would want to provide me mission support.

Sadly Da Vinci Zero came in one multi roll, Da Vinci classic continues to elude me


Not going off gameplay for this, but I’m in the Caster version camp. Great visual design, and written as a great support for Chaldea’s team. A bit full of herself at times, but like folks such as Gil, Ozy and Nero, has the skills to back it up, and balances it out with genuine heart.

To be honest, one of the reasons I’m taking my time with EoR and haven’t touched the Lostbelt Prologue yet is because I’m not looking forward to not having this version of her around, though I know that change will have to happen eventually. Fortunately she did show up in one of my rolls, so I guess if I miss her too much I can always start building a good team around her and have fun with that.


Same when I started the Prolog for the lost belts (it got hit in my pocket when my phone did not lock). I skipped most of the basic crap since I hated the “investigators” that showed up but when I saw Da Vinci die I was so upset I could not play for 3 days.
I have Castor Da Vinci and she is in line to be built next, but I can’t decide between her and Murasaki.

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I hated Caster with passion in part 1. I actually love Da Vinci Riders character, also prefer lolis anyway

She was a queen