Who do you like better? (Da Vinci)

But any Da Vinci is a perfect Da Vinci :fgo_davinci: :fgo_davinci4head:


How long have you been Playing FGO?


A little over two years now



Caster Vinci is like the chaldea Mom.
Rider Vinci is like Holmes daughteru.

They are both great, hard to pick one over the other.
But Caster Vinci really has our backs through thick and thin, and was like a mentor and parent figure.
Even if Rider Vinci is reliable etc, it hits different.



I feel like adult vinci was more relatable

But Smolvinci is just too sassy and feels a little more high-energy

I love them both tho, especially their interactions with Romani/Sherlock


OG Da Vinci for me. Mostly because I don’t care for lolis. Leonardo Da Vinci was my childhood hero, and I can’t say I was too happy about his portrayal in FGO, but she was well-written enough to win me over. Turning her into a loli for no particularly good reason… Nah, no thanks.


OG, easily. It had such a good concept: I thought his manifestation as his ideal of beauty as a woman himself felt was an interesting take due to the speculation that he was queer irl (this is all headcanon, mind you, trans metaphor included. I wouldn’t give the writers that much credit given their treatment of certain others in a similar circumstance).

Rider Vinci has grown on me, dialogue-wise, so she has been starting to feel more like the original icon in spirit, but I’m not a fan of her re-design. Yeah, killing OG Vinci was a fine plot point for drama and helping set the scene in Arc 2, but the it also felt like an excuse to lolify her. Like, I know da Vinci is no Touko, but that had to be the direction they took? I’m disappointed, but not surprised


Wow no one @ ed me what the fuck Gamepress

There’s a simple and canonical answer to this question:

But, personally speaking, I prefer Adult Da Vinci. Caster Da Vinci is probably my favorite character of all time, I just love everything about her design or personality and I’m usually against the concept of genderbent.

As someone who admires the real Da Vinci and studied about him, I love how he’s represented in FGO. Compared to characters like Artoria, Nobbu or Okita that are women because “why not?” I feel that DW studied about the real Leonardo Da Vinci and knowing that he was (probably) a queer man they decided to create a unique character. I mean, they probably just wanted a cute italian waifu in the game, but I wanna have faith in them.

Small Da Vinci is… not Da Vinci, in my opinion. She has her name, she looks like her, she acts like her but there’s something different, she’s missing something. I like Da Vinci Rider, I even spent money to get her, but if Arc 3 will replace her with a new Da Vinci (OG? Male version?) I wouldn’t complain

Stan Da Vinci ~ :fgo_davinciwink:


At first I found annoying that Da Vinci greeted me on the shop every single time, but now that loli is the one doing it, I really, like really miss Caster Da Vinci. You never know what you have until you lose it.

I don’t hate Mini Da Vinci at all and she has been so far a good character. But she is not the Da Vinci that carried my butt lorewise with Romani on the command center. I do miss her and she is not replaceable.


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I kind prefer the OG Da Vinci aesthetically because it was relatively interesting to use her design as an allusion toward the Mona Lisa, but with the power of anime. That being said, I think, as a character, I find Loli Vinci a bit more tolerable. They both have a nice overall feel to them in game, so it really just comes down being more intrigued with the direction of Lil Vinci. It is more or less Da Vinci with an added layer of depth, while toning down the exaggerated personality at the same time. I can dig it.

Not sure why you’d put CitL off when that A. Locks you out of events and B. Locks you out of understanding why Lolivinci is equally worth loving.

Change is life!