Who do you think has the best FA art, animations and NP?

Title says it all. This is a question based purely on aesthetics.
Who do you think has the best Final Ascension art, animations and NP animation? They don’t necessarily have to be all in the same servant.

For me, best Final Ascension art goes to Circe, to the point I really want it painted on my wall.

Best animations go to Katsushika Hokusai (Saber), because even though she’s a themed servant, her style stayed the same.

And best NP animation goes to Space Ishtar/Astarte. It’s just so cool in my opinion, and also I love Rinfaces.

So… What are your picks?




Np goes to jp gil that updated np is beautiful.
If I was taking NA only it would go to moriarty or caster Nero

Favorite FA is maid alter cause I’m totally biased

Now normal animations I would give to yagyu personally cause his animations are based on real sword techniques and I’m biased towards samurai (I’m a weeb)


Wow, this is much harder than I would have expected. There’s so many great arts, animations and noble phantasms that it’s really hard to pick between them, so I’ll cop out with a few ties.

Final Ascension Art: I’ll go with Kama’s because, well… there’s a couple big reasons for this.


Even aside from the lewdness, it’s a really nice looking piece of art.

Similarly, I also really love Yan Qing’s. It’s such a shame he’s not as good as his design.


(I was originally going to go with Maid Alter’s because it hits all the right bullet points, but @Insert-name beat me to it. :fgo_badciv:)

Animations: Tie betwen Yagyu Munenori thanks to the impact you see and feel from each blow and the inherent realism and Hokusai (Saber)'s because they’re just so attractive to watch. I could also have a runner up with Demon KIng Nobu, but a lot of that just might be because she’s so gorgoeus herself.

Noble Phantasm: Just in terms of aesthetics, it’s a three-way tie for me between Elementary, My Dear (Holmes), Kenjutsu Musou, Kenzen Ichinyo (Munenori), and Fugaku Sanjuu-roku Kei (Hokusai). I really can’t decide between the three, and if I’m considering Enuma Elish (Gilgamesh) post-update, that makes it a four-way tie.




Gil is blowing the NP and animation part out of the water in JP.
FA is probably Bryn for me
I mean just look at it


I was tempted to say either Brynhild’s or Sigurd’s. Miwa Shirou’s art is gorgeous!


Roight, I’ll try and stick to Servants that got into Zaynab’s crew in current NA already.

FA? Summah Nobu


(One of those cases where I’d wish we could set menu-portrait, tbh)

Animations? Uncle Chris, naturally :fgo_illya:

NP? Osa! No blam-oh, just a bit of stepping atop a roof…^_^


Honestly I had a few ties too. Bryn’s FA is amazing and Oui is adorable as ever, so I could’ve went with them too.
For animations I wanted to go with Demon Lord Nobunaga and Space Ishtar, but since I already chose Space Ishtar for NP then I wanted to diversify and Hokusai’s animations were more up my alley.
As for NP animation I really really REALLY wanted to go with Okita Souji Alter because it’s just so epic, but my bias or Rinfaces overpowered it.


Even among so many gorgeous FA artworks, I think Euryale stands above them all. I’m not even a big fan of the snek ladies, but such cuteness requires proper appreciation.


Animations? I adore Danzo’s attacks. At first glance, you expect her to do ninja stuff. But then you only see exaggerated robot stuff, quite unlike what her appearance suggests.

NP? I’d have to choose Mysterious Heroine XX. She takes the whole Saber Wars gag seriously, actually taking it to space.


I still haven’t decide favourite FA but I still consider Beni’s NP animation are one of the best being released to date :fgo_umu:


Hmmm, favorite FA art for me is a hard category because there are so many good ones, so I’ll try and limit it to just a few

He’s a monster and that’s what his FA shows. I actually think he was my first max ascended servant partially because his FA is so cool.

Despite his sub-par (and that’s being generous) gameplay value, I love benkei. His FA pictures his legend almost perfectly, gigantic, swole, and borderline unstoppable

Gilles (saber)
Despite the fact that Gilles is by far the most despicable servant in chaldea (in his caster form), I really like the FA on his saber form because I’ve always loved art that goes into the duality of man.

As for animations, I would say my favorite set is Zerkalot’s updated animations on JP, and my favorite NP is probably Unlimited Blade Works


Final Ascension: BB, it’s just so beautiful to look at, it’s overwhelmingly my favourite above others.

Animation: BB, I mean how many servants write their name for attack animations or even hop in between or have any action in between their teleportation to the enemy?

NP: BB again… I have it set at normal speed, the only one in my chaldea to have that setting, I use her in stall comps so I’ll leave it to your imagination the number of times I may see it during game play. :smiley:


Totally biased on this first one for obvious reasons, but

Enkidu's final art will always be one of my favourites

Look at him. Enkidu looks so pretty, graceful and elegant, while at the same time showing how strong he can be, being on match with none other than Gilgamesh, lore-wise. All that light and thunder around him, rock fragments levitating from the ground, his expression looking so beautiful, I love everything about his final art.

Special mention to

Rama's final art, he looks too pretty and I love the artist's style

Favourite animation will have to go to Martha’s updated animation, which should come to NA in around a year (luckily I own her in JP, so I get to see this animation already). I’m glad she was one of the Servants with “basic throwing light balls animation” that got updated, she looks really majestic, holy and graceful, as well as strong, the way she moves here:

And my favourite NP animation has to go to Arjuna Alter. I use him for everything, farming, events, etc., so I get to see it often and I never get tired of it. My favourite version is the one with his third ascension look, at 0:48. I really love the space background, the angle where we get to see Arjuna from below, making him look like a God above most things and beings, his NP looking like he’s destroying an entire universe… Definitely a favourite.


My picks…it’s none other than my husbando ofc! FA and animation goes to CasGil. His FA makes me want to hug him :fgo_dshy:, plus he’s even more of a hottie in his summer costume, forget being shirtless. NP goes to OG Gil even if sometimes I feel like it’s destroying my phone too.

OG Gil’s attack animations makes my phone explode.

Honorable mention to Ozy. Apart from firing lasers and dropping pyramids, his FA is so…gorgeous, I’d hug him too :fgo_umu:. I don’t have him but I’ll believe in spooks now, after Enkidu spooked me on Halloween 3 :fgo_umu:.

For final ascension art: King Hassan

The skullls emitting copious amounts of murderous energy and the sword reaching out to take your head really sell the card for me.

Semi Shout outs: Kerry

Just let him be happy

Animation wise: Fluffy Tail Tamamo 1st and 2nd ascension

Actually implementing her fighting style from extra is a god send; utilizing both close quarters and ranged. Them kicks.

Shout outs to Lancelot, Karna, and Sasaki’s animation updates as well

Np wise is hard but ultimately: Summer BB

The angles, The eldritch nightmares, the bleeding eclipse; it’s really great looking and definitely one of the best directed np’s the team has put out.

Shout outs to Karna (again), UBW, Lancelot Jet, Gilgamesh update, Mori Nagayoshi, Tsubame Gaeshi

Favourite FA Art is Kiritsugu’s, it is a sorrowful masterpiece and the art really speaks for itself.

Affection of the Holy Grail

Second favourite FA is Yagyu’s, although I don’t use it myself because I don’t think the FA looks that nice when looked from FGO’s in-game interface. I feel there is a lot more going on than what appears at face value on the FA which is why I like it.

Kenzen Ichinyo

What you see is the old man sitting in his room examining his blade, on face value since FA tends to show us the servant’s more relaxed or private side it means for the old man honing his sword skills dominates his private life (we know his public life as Shogun’s sword instructor/advisor and as a daimyo). On a more metaphorical level, the way his eyes peered through gleaming silver of his blade covering part of his face seems to be making a comparison of his sharp mind and ice cold logic to that of a cool steel blade.

Lastly, it is also an interesting contrast to the statue of Yagyu Munenori in real life. Munenori’s statue irl is also in a seated position Japanese-style just like the FA, but unlike the FA the statue depicts Munenori’s blade as sheathed, tucked away at the side such that it is barely noticeable. After all, in history, as Shogun’s sword instructor Munenori’s blade was not meant to be swung freely. However, now serving the master of Chaldea for the sake of humanity, he shall swing his blade without reservation.

IRL Munenori statue

Animations and NP is a tie between Yagyu and Elder Li, I am drawn towards them for the same reason: they don’t look overly flashy (if anything they are among the most authentic attack animations in the game since they are directly modeled after real life techniques), but at the same time their straight forward simplicity manages to convey the destruction and damage excellently. It is simply a treat to watch them attack and move I will never grow tired of it. Ruler Martha would be a runner up for her nasty fisticuffs.

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Must... resist...


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I’m caught between two servants for all three categories, so let’s run through them, shall we? I’ll note up top that I am a completely unbiased master and that I would never use this to wax poetic about my waifu (/s).

Final Ascension: I’m caught between Jeanne d’Arc (Alter) and Jeanne d’Arc (Berserker Alter):
Jeanne d’Arc (Alter) first:
Look at this beauty, greaves half off, hair down, rose petals everywhere, sword in-between her gorgeous legs, and her looking at you like "You wish you were where this sword is… Do you want to risk it? :stuck_out_tongue: " Absolutely amazing art.

Jeanne d’Arc (Berserker Alter) now:
Woof. If Jeanne d’Arc (Alter)'s final ascension art was all about how the most beautiful of roses have thorns (that are 100% worth the risk), Jeanne d’Arc (Berserker Alter) is all about how even the most fiery of people need some water to cool off sometimes. I don’t even know where to begin with this art, other than saying “I volunteer as tribute.”

Animations: Once again, I’m stuck between Jeanne d’Arc (Alter) and Jeanne d’Arc (Berserker Alter). Jeanne d’Arc (Alter) has the fires of her purgatory directed by her sword. A banner that flies majestically in the updrafts provided by said fire. And lances of her energy that show every enemy where they belong. Jeanne d’Arc (Berserker Alter) has THREE swords, a castration kick, and bullets of fire. One is adorably angrily vicious, one is adorably chuuni-ly vicious. How can I choose between the two?

Quick edit: Going to add in the fact that both Jeanne d’Arc (Alter) and Jeanne d’Arc (Berserker Alter) have multiple weapons (a lance-banner-thing and a sword for Jeanne d’Arc (Alter), and three swords for Jeanne d’Arc (Berserker Alter)) and both still opt to use fire lances and fire bullets to attack. How adorably extra is that? Answer: incredibly adorable. And incredibly extra. I love their animations.

NP: Surprise surprise, I can’t choose between Jeanne d’Arc (Alter) and Jeanne d’Arc (Berserker Alter).

Let’s start with Jeanne d’Arc (Alter). The ridiculous amount of overkill on this animation completely makes it. This animation embodies the phrase “KILL IT WITH FIRE” and then stabs it with 4 lances from the ground. It’s pretty dope. This NP animation also ties in very well with Jeanne d’Arc (Alter)'s adorably angrily vicious theme.

Now for Jeanne d’Arc (Berserker Alter). Yu Yu Hakushou fans, rejoice. This is an amazing NP that once again, embodies the phrase “KILL IT WITH FIRE” and then uses a sword to finish it off. Once again, pretty dope. And adorably chuuni-ly vicious.

As you can tell, I’m completely and totally unbiased and definitely don’t have a waifu in this game.


I feel like you’re getting the wrong impression from that FA.
His sword is disassembled. He’s gripping it by the tang and all of the parts and maintenance equipment are laid out in front of him. The process of which can be meditative.