Who do you think is going to be in the next banner?

By some arcane satanic rituals we apparently know that the next banner is going to be FE7. And honestly…I don’t know which units could they choose. The most popular ones have already been chosen and the rest is kinda paling (except Nils). Here are some candidates for it:

  • Sain
  • Kent
  • Farina (sure)
  • Nils (sure)
  • Louise
  • Pent
  • A duo unit (jesus ■■■■ I don’t want a duo unit to be in there but I know that it’s going to)

So, what units would you like to see?


Dunno, I just want to know who the free unit is and what fodder they have.


Some good fodder I hope :feh_nini:

  1. Lysithea (since her sprite has already been released)
  2. Bernie
  3. Dorothea
  4. Felix
  5. (TT/GHB UNIT): Ferdie

None of these are probably going to be true though :feh_elisad:


Imagine if we get 5 3H banners in a row.

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A demote is all I want to see, but Sain and Kent would be nice

Oh, god, they better not end up being the Duo


Duos are main characters


The lead unit, likely, but Elice was hardly a main character, or a character at all

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I think duos are seasonals only :feh_maethink:

Duo Ephraim


Eitherway two random characters as duos is not happening until IS actually changes that which I doubt

My favorite clown, finally.

I hope

I also hope it. I basically know nothing about the game so I expect that IS gives me a good introduction to this apparently amazing installment
*amazing in comparison to Awakening and Fates

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Lowen. It won’t actually happen, but I will continue to dream.

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Probable duos:

  • Ninian & Nils
  • Hector & Eliwood
  • Lyn and Florina
  • Eliwood & Ninian
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I will say, I don’t think there will be a Duo this banner. I just don’t see it happening, but that doesn’t mean IS won’t do it anyways.

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We know for sure it’s going to be FE7, here are my predictions.

What I’d like to see: Kent, Farina, Nils, Harken, Isadora

What it’ll actually be: Lysithea, Bernadetta, Felix, DLC Units, Alois

“But wait, we know it’s FE7-”

Feh is lying to us.

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We already got a Duo Hector so maybe not

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How do we know that it’s going to be FE7?

Unless I’m misreading, in that case I’m almost certain it’s going to be a Three Houses banner XD