Who do you think the new spring units will be?

Personally think the left is Michaiah but its whatever.

I hope it’s not Micaiah. I really wanted to go at least a month without putting money into the game and another Micaiah would probably lead to me breaking open the piggy bank :frowning:. When I first saw it I thought the one on the left could be Erika. Possibly Ephraim on the right if that’s true.

If it is another Eirika imma jumping out of the nearest window.

Don’t know why, but I see Ayra and Raven/Leo.

The left MIGHT just be Micaiah as you said. the one on the right I just don’t know why but I feel like it’s reinhart or Inigo.

I’ve seen a lot of people say Eirika and Hector.

For the love of Naga, I absolutely hope neither of them show up. They have enough alts as of now.

I’ve seen a lot of people say Ayra.

I can’t see it, but sure. Why not? That’d be a cool sight.

I’ve also seen Micaiah’s name thrown up a bit, too.

I’m indifferent towards that, but if she gets one here, after her Brave version is when she shouldn’t get any more alts.

I’ve also seen Elidgan and Lachesis habe their names thrown around.

That’d honestly be really cool and nice.

I myself can’t really guess who they are, so… yeah. But what if…

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I really see Ayra too. For the left I’m between Bruno, Raven, Seth, and Hector. Although, I want it to be Lex lol.


I really dont know,but i hope it wont be alts for the GBA lords…
I have enough of the them …

TBH I think that the left looks a lot like Palla, so I’m very excited. And the right side my best guess is Raven, Ares or someone like that just cause of the collar

EDIT - - I was right and I pulled her within 18 orbs, so YAY. And plus she’s feeling like a good unit with her prf Weapon

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I support the left being Palla.

Palla and Gordin change my mind