Who do you think will be on the rally skills banner?

I have a feeling there will be… sigh… ophelia, but also ranulf, and someone else. What do you all think?


from what i remember female Adrift Corrin has a rally atk/spd +. so maybe her.

Shoot, I forgot she has a double Rally and I’m trying to +10 her

But I don’t think I’ll have enough orbs to put toward this banner


rip usher :pensive:


Ew. Can Blue and Green stop hogging all the good rallies. Have fun with color sharing.

At least one Rally Up is likely for the sake of variety (but then again after the Null banner, anything could happen). Ranulf was just on the Legendary banner before B!Eliwood. All that’s left for other Rally skills is Atk/Spd+ (on AF!Corrin) and Spd/Def on Quan

My guess is: Ophelia (less recent than Lugh), AF!Corrin (waifu bait) and B!Eliwood (it’s about time)


Pls no. I don’t want an annoying unit for the green focus when I’m trying for the small chance if getting Echidna with free summons.

Can you like, not complain about getting a 5* on a free summon with good fodder?


At least she has good fodder, as opposed to Ranulf and Quan

Absolutely nobody:
MrShiny: I’m doing free summons for Echidna


But Ranulf is a good boi!


I would really like to pull Lugh

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tbh, I’m doing the same (or for Python). Either one’s fine

Quality of boi and quality of fodder can be mutually exclusive


But I wouldn’t mind another merge for him.

You don’t mention it in every single thread though lmao



Also,I see Ranulf as fodder for a future merge project. :eyes:


You talk about wanting less blue and green, but proceed to ask for brave eliwood. Im sorry what? And that was a very weak argument against ranulf.

Because there are only two non-limited color options available: Blue and Green. One is going to repeat because the banner will get 3 units like they usually do

Well nailah is quality but also quality fodder so…
Although i wouldnt fodder her

Lugh might be on the banner because he has rally up res+, and he’s the only normal pool unit with it.

If Ranulf is on the banner I hope to god I free summon him… The only copy I got on his banner was -atk +def… IS giving him 30 base attack while giving Lethe 33 base attack when he had better attack growths than her was rood.

Also A!Corrin would be nice I guess. I kind of forget I had one sitting in my barracks lmao. I just don’t like the dragon designs of Corrins to use them enough.

Pal, why don’t you give chrom close def seal instead in that project

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