Who else is hyped for the Animation Updates in April?

Hey all!

As most of you probably know already, towards the end of April the new animation/sprite/NP updates for some of our favourite Apocrypha servants will hit NA. These include:

  • Atalante
  • Siegfried
  • Mordred

So, who else is hyped for these? :fgo_astolfo:

They all look great in my opinion and will make using these 3 even more fun!
I am especially hyped for Mo-chan since I finally managed to roll her a few days ago, but I also love both Siegfried & Atalante (call me weird but I enjoy Apoc a lot, and the servant lineup includes many of my favourites).

They really need those updates and I am happy that the wait (at least for these 3) is almost over now!


As a master with np5 Nyanta Max Bond & Skills, i’m one of them.


She is getting all dressed up and pretty for you, so make sure to show her your appreciation :smile:


I don’t have mordred but I’m looking forward to her update


You guys get animation updates?


Sure Will.
I even changed my support preset with Archuria on all slot and leave archer sport to her.

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Yep, I’m excited for these! The only one I don’t have is Mordred, but I can borrow a support to see the quality updates. Another good archer animation update, just waiting on Arash (hopefully with the Camelot anime release) and Euryale for all of the bow-using archers to have their animations made unique in some way, as Tawara Touta at least has his sword and rice attacks to switch things up.


Yes, and they’re (usually) always beautiful as heck.

Hell, Gilgamesh has had TWO NP animation updates.


The upcoming updates for Gilgamesh, Karna & others are looking really epic as well!
A shame that we will have to wait for those a bit longer, but it will be worth it.


With Mordred being my first SSR and one of my favourite characters, I really can’t wait for her animation update :two_hearts: so I’m definitely hyped.
I sadly don’t have Atalante, but I appreciate her animation update. Hope she spooks me one day so I can enjoy it even more :fgo_jeannu:

The only other animation updates I’m excitedly waiting for are Martha, Karna and Rama, and Nightingale. I don’t think I’m forgetting anyone else.


I am super hyped!

I have Atalanta NP3, she is the reason i play FGO



I have Mordred but find her so boring despite how useful she is. Maybe this will help change my mind.

I’ve been skilling up my NP2 Siegfried a bit lately, I sorta rediscovered him during Setsubun. Since I have so many AOE Sabers and so few AOE Assassins, I was using him heavily for Dragon nodes. Maybe this will keep him in my mind for the future as well.


I have Mordred and i find her current animation not really original.

But i like her voice acting so i enjoy using her.

But unlike Atalanta, i am not hyped for a mordred animation update


Very happy for you! :fgo_astolfo:

Yeah Atalantes current moves & NP are like super vanilla, I am glad that she finally get the love she deserves, along with the other 2!


I also really like how much these updates help to show the different personalities & fighting styles of the servants!

Like half of Mordreds’ attacks include badass kicks, especially if you open with a buster card :fgo_astolfo:

Not to mention that her extra Card is her throwing her sword into the enemy & then using a flying knee move to ram it into her opponent even harder. Love it!

Also if you compare the sprites, the servants just look SO much better ingame.


Modred’s kicks, here we go!


Eh. I only got Siegfried. I’m more excited at the strengthenings coming later on.

But I do think Nyanta’s NP is more beautiful after the update. That arrow scatter is just :kissing_heart:. Now, if only she would spook me.


She is on rate-up during April for quite a few days :smiley:

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Nyanta update hype! :fgo_ereshwoah:

I just wish that Achilles was also released for this event because Achilles X Nyanta best ship!


Achilles is coming to NA roughly 4 days after Nayantas update though :fgo_astolfo: