Who else is just kinda annoyed about the GBL and kinda wants to throw their device out the window?

Me. I hate the lag that’s been going on with the GBL, delayed charged attacks and the opponent gets to go before my Pokémon, when I should have gone first. It’s enough for me, I’m quitting GBL for a while. I know Niantic has been working on it but it’s just so ANNOYING.

Also should the topic be PoGo discussion cuz I’m not sure about that.
PS Why. Are. All. The. Recorded. Battles. In. SPANISH.

Me as well.

And no it’s NOT just the delayed charged attacks. (Don’t button mash that Charge Move! It declares multiple inputs as separate inputs for whatever reason.)

An example is this is NOT Normal gameplay. These 2 seasons I’ve saw this shit 50% of the time, sometimes in bad times, others it does not even matter.

Thanks for the advice on not mashing the charged attack, I’ll try not to do that. There was this one battle that I won actually bcuz I the opponent’s Pokémon were completely frozen for the rest of the battle. I won,which made me happy, but I also felt kinda bad cuz I felt like I should have lost. Have you seen this before?

I did a few good times, especially preseason.

Oh, everytime I lose I am. But then I remember that there is a real world outside…


Sometimes the lag is against me, sometimes the lag is on my side. It evens out eventually (and its actually going very, very well for me in UL, at the time of writing at 2.657 rating)

To be perfectly honest, I’m actually better at GL GBL than UL GBL, my Cherrim is a nice hitter, Whiscash takes out the Altarias and stuff, and Heatmor sweeps the floor with the Skarmorys

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Heatmor is a little glassy but people sleep on it. Double moved mine :ok_hand:t2:


It looked like it was normal to me, at least the second video (didnt watch the other one).

No it’s not. What happens here (And around 20-30% of the matches I saw, mind you, the opponent was LITERALLY playing like God Almighty that I just concede at the middle of the match by closing the app and rejoining, then I just got so mad that my parents outright threaten me with police or shut the windows just to “Prevent Neighbours from being harrassed.” (Which just sets me on fire even more.)

Soy you blame Niantic for your opponents playing great? I can’t understand.

I strongly dislike the lag, the issues, the battles where the rival gets 3 shields… but what i don’t is to face a player who does better than i do. I shut up, learn, an improve. We’ll see each other again.

But anyway i would never become a challenge for that one, Awak and F4ckzumarill… i’m out before the battle has began.

No I’m not blaming Niantic, I really like that they’re working on it really hard, but for the time being, the lag is just so annoying for now.

game freezing 3x when i’m at advantage or about to win flipped one set from potentially 4-1 to 1-4, & lost another match in my current set for the same reason. sigh. so annoying

I’m lucky that I’m the only person who had no issues with Lag.

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It’s actually incredibly frustrating, seeing that there is nothing you can do, no matter how many manpower you have, no matter how well you predict only to be ran over by 1 surprise plot twist (Such as last Pokemon Zweilous vs Clefable, both in full health) and lose 7-8 times in a row. I’ve even prematurely conceded matches at lead point (Landorus vs Kyogre matches) because I’m just so mad playing this that I simply can’t play properly. And no I’m not deliberately tanking.

In the worst cases even when I think I can win with a full health Togekiss versus a 50HP Swampert, the Swampert destroys me with 2 back to back Hydro Cannons without fail (This is Masters, mind you), and in another time my last Pokemon is a Giratina O with 60 HP something, opponent has a full health Machamp, yeah I die.

Sometimes I can be leading Conkeldurr versus Tyranitar and the opponent can flip it to Giratina versus Tyranitar for no good reason.

And because of this, in just 10 tracks of GBL I’m probably just lose all of my sanity and can’t play for a week or two. I’m not a person who can’t play, but playing it just drives me insane.

I’ve been tanking myself sometimes, forcing 0-15 sets, which takes out enough ranking to go back to earth where i should be at my level, and not the meta-heaven that happens to be when i go over 1800.

And sometimes i automatically concede the battles, other times i play them to test some strategy and then concede when i know i have won or obviously loose in a straight way because they own me.

But something that i’ve tried and that is related to your comment, is switching my pokemon when i have a very favourable matchup, to a very unfavourable one. 1 out of 3 times the rival switches too, and i get a very favourable matchup again. I guess they become nervous and then make the mistake. (I should have tried this about 20 times or so, and it happened 7-8). Maybe that’s what happened to you?

No, that never happened to me unless when I’m actually mad. (I think I swapped a Gira O to a Snorlax before then instantly conceded because my brain wasn’t clear.

Your team had a glaring weakness to Shiftry, and someone used it. I don’t see how you lost to great play

Not sure what to do then, since Shiftry doesn’t show up a lot and if I remove something and swap to something without breaking the concept, I’ll risk being vulnerable to anything else. (If I swap the Azu to Registeel it will say that I’ll get plundered by G-Fisk, as an example.) Also it’s not like I can’t hit it anyway.

This just looks like normal play?? On the first one, you lost the lead and your other two mons have very common weaknesses that can be easily exploited if you lose switch advantage.

Second one you lost 1 because you’re team doesn’t cover shiftry that well (you can’t cover everything but since CD, they’ve become much more popular and you have to either accept you will struggle or alter your team) and 2 obviously in the A-wak mirror, your opponent knows exactly how much energy you have, best to overcharge in situations like that to avoid exactly that sort of timed switch (or pretty much any time really unless it’s really down to the wire).

Both completely normal situations that this time lost you the match. Everyone in GBL is better now and just having the best mons doesn’t automatically grant you wins - if you keep changing your team and don’t ever have a plan for how to win, particularly in less favourable leads then it doesn’t matter if you have all the pokemon at your disposal, the opponent will have counters…

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