Who else thinks that Shieldon should be replaced with Cranidos as the GBL reward?

Alright so everyone has Bastiodon now, basically. But Cranidos barely appear in the wild and in eggs. I’m also rather tired of going through several sets to get a GBL encounter, only for it to be a stupid Shieldon. Who else thinks this?

I have a Bastiodon but I still need 50000 candy to power it up. I don’t think it’s even good in GL anymore tho with gunfisk and regi being a thing. I’d be fine with neither lol

Axew needs to be there instead.


Totally agree. Also didn’t they say they we’re getting rid of gen 5 starters or did I make that up?

They did, but Metagross, Stunfisk and Skarmory are still around.

Oh actually you’re right. Though isn’t haxorus be really frail? We need all dem Deinos too.

It’s still a rare Pokemon and I do use it in Dragon raids.

Ok. I guess like all the frail pokes always have busted attack. Like gengar. Oh and Gira-O

If you want to talk about replacements then we should talk about the dumb starters first

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Hm. I have a lot of cranidos. Mostly from eggs, but also in the wild with weather bonus. I would prefer what’s the name of the haxorus prevolution again? Thanks @Mr-ex777 , yes, axew
Although this will rather replace larvitar. Not good, I still need some 50 candies to evolve my shiny and another 100 to power a good one up

I would agree with you, but I don’t have my 12/15/15 yet

Oh ok.

I don’t know, I’m against that one. Shieldon and Bastiodon are simply so cute! The other two well …