Who has the highest hit-count face-cards?

I know of Gilgamesh who has 5 hits on each card. And Kiritsugu’s buster and Chloe’s arts have 6 hits. Is there anyone else on this level or better? (Mostly useful to determine who makes the best use of star drop buffs)

CastUmu has 6-hit Arts, probably one of the biggest contenders, since crits make her NP gain ridiculous.


Hokusai, Ere, Abby, CasNero: 6 hit Arts
Helenarcher, Gorgon, Enkidu, Illya, CasMarie, Tamamo: 5 hit Arts
Kerry, KiyoLancer, Nobuzerker, Scathach, Maoubu, Gil: 6 hit Busters
Merlin, Chacha, Tristan, Ishtar (Rider), BB, Moriarty, Ash: 5 hit Busters
Benienma, Helena, Florence, Drake, Xiang Yu: 6 hit Quicks
Okita J. Souji, KH, Ozy, Okita, Kagetora, Jackie, QSH, Okitan: 5 hit Quicks
Kerry, Gil: 8 hit Extra
Amakusa, Scathach, Jalter, Saberstolfo, Medb, Ishtar: 7 hit Extra
Jaguar Warrior, Merlin, Moriarty, Iskandar, Sanzang, Hundred Personas, Kingprotea, Tristan, Ryouma, Cleo, Ushisassin, CasNero, Melt, Shuten (Caster), Enkidu, KH: 6 hit Extra
20+ Servants also have 5 hit Extra cards and I’m not listing them, this is exhaustive enough.


Might want to clarify that you mean Rider Ishtar for the buster card and Archer Ishtar for the extra attack.

She has one of the most satisfying buster card animations, in my opinion. Plus, I love the Unlimited Codes reference.


Oh, yes. I actually thought I included those differences like I did the others. Thanks.

Also, Medb has a 7 hit extra card

Got her. ^^

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Oh. I didn’t see it

I see that you are a man of culture with refine taste :fgo_moriartysmile:

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And this have nothing to see with the thread but with the upgrade of super gorilla Artoria she get a new extra atack animations that is her ex move of unlimited codes

Looks like we missed Amakusa’s 7-hit Extra as well. Not that Extra is usually that big of a deal, but for completion’s sake, I suppose.



Left here for historians

Because command codes are now a thing and they are in limited availability : be extra-aware that hit count is not everything. Far from it. If you can, try to equip said servant with a CE granting an equivalent effect (example : “Be Elegant” to see what a big stargen buff feels like)
Sadly, those effects work best on servants that are already good at it. Gorgon has a 5-hit Q but her star-per-hit stat is so low that a +30% increase goes pretty much unnoticed. (I know: it’s not the answer I was looking for either when I tried it back then)
All in all, it is safe to sum it up as +30% stargen gets you 30% more stars from what the servant got you before the buff. Jack does not drop stars like a madgirl just because of her 6hit Q. It’s the combination of 25% Stars-per-hit AND the 6 hits that make her insane. Carmilla also features 25% SpH but only 3-hit Qs, and the difference is very obvious.

Actually, while that’s true for NP gen, stargen buffs are an absolute, additive bonus. Basically, +30% stargen makes every hit of your cards gain an additional 30% chance to produce a crit star. This stacks additively with quick cards’ base rate and the servant’s base rate.

That’s why CasGil’s buff is so nice, as +100% stargen makes even arts cards produce at least 1 star per hit.


That does not seem to add up with what I’ve observed with Gorgon+BE. From what you’re saying, it should have been light and day since she has a base 5% only :thinking:
Since it was quite some time ago, I’ll try it again to make sure but I really remember massive disappointment in seeing no difference at all. If it really was a straight jump to 35%, I expect that I should have seen something, even when accounting for the lesser general grasp over stats that I had back then.
Oh well, more testing is never bad =D

Well, quick cards have base 80-160% stargen, depending on card position, so you won’t notice much of a difference on quick cards. Busters only have base 10-30%, so they would show a more obvious improvement.

So, putting those stargen bonus CCs on Jack’s Qs is their worst usage then ? (literally asking for a friend, because he did just that XD)

lmao speaking of the devil XD


Stargen is capped at 300%, and even if you aren’t hitting that cap, Jack produces plenty of stars anyway. I see no reason to improve her stargen. I’d probably use crit damage or NP-gain-related CCs on her cards.

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His idea was to get even more stars, and he seems to think it made a difference. From what you say, I gather that it should be very minimal instead =S
(I don’t have details about it though, never asked for numbers about it)

I’d say it’s probably placebo effect, but it doesn’t really matter enough to correct him. If he’s happy, who cares? ;-)

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