Who is a better galeforce unit. Sirius or Eliwood (Unmerged and budget)

I was looking into getting a galeforce cav for my AR-D team and I was considering one of these units. They both dont have merges and the IV’s will not matter in little as we will get those IV mangos. Eliwood seems good with his weapon but I like how Sirius has better overall stats, both defensively and offensively and also gets slaying spear effect, even if he needs a heavy blade or flashing blade investment. Eliwood was tiered above Sirius but I don’t fully understand why.

no atk check on his special charge (very rare on cavs)
no need to run heavy blade seal
special charge reduction on enemy (very rare on cavs)
follow up denial (very rare on cavs)

all of those three things are extremely valuable for an AR-D initiator

the people’s champ whoops sirius

is sad, yes


Eliwood’s refine makes him broken when initiating combat. He’s also much easier to merge sooooooooooooo yea just use eliwood.

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He could only use Heavy Blade. And yes, Eliwood is the best Player Phase cav.

All else he could want would be a Slaying effect and/or ignoring anti-follow-ups to be almost unstoppable. Also ignoring Guard effects if you’d want him to be completely broken on initiation.

Definitely Eliwood there’s no contest here, move along

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