Who is better for my shadow team

So currently on my shadow team are Gala cleo, Heinwald and Curran but I have natalie and botan so (sadly I dont have ieyasu nor marishiten) so is it better to put bottan because of the bleeding or go for natalie but the thing with natalie is heinwald, and also I have nefaria on my bench if i wanna replace heinwald so natalie can stay but I dont know. What do you guys think?

Botan and Natalie are both great units, so it really depends on what sort of content you’re doing. Outside of the highest level content (master facility events, nightmare raids, mercurial gauntlet) I would just use the units you like (like Nefaria!)

Some content does require a healer, such as the next gauntlet which is all about damage. In those cases I would use Botan and Natalie instead of Heinswald.

If you need more survivability you should consider taking Botan for her defensive co-ability. Damage wise Natalie has an offensive co-ability and can do massive damage herself. She also comes as a natural 5 star Botan instead provides bleed and a solid team damage buff. I’m not sure which is “better”.

Both are great units, but Natalie is a more high risk, high reward character, being really strong at low HP. She’s more risky, but if you’re good, she works really well as a leader(don’t put her on auto though)