Who is better to roll for?

Heyo! :wave:t3:
—–Jeanne Archer or Musashi Berserker-—-
I have a Tamamo and Paracelsus (with skill 3 @ lvl 10)
And I’ve been wondering who will be better to roll for in a NP looping team and why? (I like both of em btw :slightly_smiling_face:, but I’m F2P so I can only roll for NP1 on either one of em)

In my knowlesh Jeanne is better but Musashi can farm every class in NP 2+
But i would recommend you go for your favorite waifu

Sounds like we should summon the experts: @Tetragoner, @The_Cheeseman, whose summer waifu is the better looper?


Cool •ᴗ•

Well musashi is next year so you surely can aim for jeanne this year.

Aha, I could, but I could still roll for her in the revival as well, so it’s still cool to think about it •ᴗ•

They’re both bad at np1. Musashi needs an MLB scope to loop and Jeanne needs double post buff bride and np2+.

I’ll try to get by with NP1 XD
I have a copy of Kscope and Sounds like Musashi only needs The 20% batt.
I don’t have Nero Bride, but will double Skadi and Paracelsus be an enough substitute for Double post bride?

If you can run double Skadi just go for Dante’s. Even one copy is better and cheaper than Musashi and Jeanne.

And no you can’t use double Skadi with Jeanne. You need brides np gain buff + 30% battery to go with Jeannes.

Aha, I have the double Skadi and Dante’s setup already XD
My aim is for MHXX in the 3rd Banner, but I lacked a SSR AOE archer and I also remembered that Summersashi can fill in the same role. Soooo maybe I could pull one of either with the extra SQ I’ll have in future? ʕ•̫͡•ʔ

I’m telling you: You really don’t need Jeanne or Musashi when you have Dante’s plus double Skadi. Dante’s will handle all your farming needs.

You should go with Jeanne for one reason:

Megane girls are just too cute!

Aha, okie :’)

I like the art, Thankies •ᴗ•

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Both aren’t superb except at the most high-end and are expensive to enable to those high ends (superscope and Fox Wives, super BG for Jeanne, NP levels for each and particularly Jeanne due to her depressingly soft damage, post-buff Bride was when Jeanne actually became notable in this respect). I’d say Musashi all else equal (superscope, 2x Tamamo + Paracelsus, all relevant buffs maxed), but neither are outstanding without high investment which includes NP1 where they’ll both be oof, not even compared to the wow of a properly enabled Dantes.

No. Summersashi absolutely needs the NP Gen Up from Tamamo’s + Para. You do not Arts Loop as you Quick Loop; or at least, they extremely cannot just be swapped around in terms of pieces as easily as this suggests.

And yes, DSS Dantes is more than sufficient. Jarcher needs NP3 to match Edmond’s NP1, after all relevant buffs. He’s leagues above for farming matters and easy use.

Still going to hope I can eventually NP5 each of them some day.


but np 2 jarcher is the only servant in the game that can farm with
6 slot of ce xd

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I feel as though Musashi is inherently superior just because she is a beserker. You can use her in more situations.

That being said, Jeanne is definitely the superior waifu. I would just roll for her regardless if I did not care about gameplay.

Yeah, but plugsuit farming is so 2018 :stuck_out_tongue:

Her 6-slot comps are slightly more efficient, but it’s mainly a bonus if you love her regardless. I’ll stick with hitting green NP cards for my repetitive farming, I think.

Oh my, I didn’t realise I put double Skadi instead of tamamo XD my bad!

So just to make it clear, I was referring to double tamamo and Paracelsus XD

Cool, I’ll put some thoughts into it then ◡̈