Who is the best Free Assasin to farm?

Most assasins have single target np’s and generally speaking have skills tailored to quickly kill one target (I guess they are doing their role well) but is there any good free (1-3stars) servants that can farm fast ?

Scathach’s summer version is AoE

damn… don’t remind me of that… I come back to play fgo at the end of her event, rushed it the best I could and still couldn’t get her, until this day It makes me so sad since she is my fav waifu T_T

Fuuma is AoE. Phantom of the Opera as well.

between the 2, who is the best in your opinion ?

AssScat bc of her quick buff

Depends on who you have at what NP level.
Opera is easy to NP 5 though.
Fuuma is a really good star generator

Use berserker


I guess that solves all the problems xD

Of the two for pure farming

take a berzerker

if you really want an aoe Fuuma doesn’t hit that much harder than Phantom. They both clear around the same hp level of enemies (around 25k-30k hp with just their own buffs) . Phantom would be my choice as a pure farmer as he’s cheap and easy to level. Fuuma is more useful overall though

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Wich berserker you recomend for farming ?

If you want a 3 star or lower Berserker, probably Kiyohime.

Cheap and easy to level up and skill ? Spartacus has a np gauge charge skill which lets him fire of his np quickly. As well as a Dmg boost skill
Kiyo is also a good 3* farmer


Sparta, Bloodaxe, Darius, Kiyohime, Bunyan, and Chacha are all serviceable free farming Berserkers. Only Sparta and Chacha have batteries though.

I think he needs to farm now

Paul Bunyan, sorry, couldn’t resist.

All 3 star or Lower AoE assassins suck horribly.

Get Spartacus and/or Paul Bunyan instead. I haven’t raised Bunyan but Spartacus is cheap, easy to raise, has a 30% np charge, a steroid, and is an awesome farmer in general!!!

When she comes back also grab chacha.


I agree with everyone else.
If you missed Scathach then a berserker is your best choice.

But if you are extremely patient then in 2021 you can look forward to a wellfare Assassin that is more than decent for farming.
Potent attack buffs, a mana burst and a battery. She also has a AoE Buster NP so finding buffers is easy.

Spartacus, Bloodaxe, and Kiyohime.

Agree, you should get Spartacus.
Imaginary element + his own NP charge (level it up to 20% ; doesnt need to be max) + shakespeare 20% NP = 2nd wave killed
Meaning, you do need to level shakespeare (who should be levelled anyway).

Also, Arash if you havent levelled him yet (which begs the question of why)
imaginary element + his own NP charge + mystic code 20% NP = 1st wave killed and shakespeare gets swapped in (put him first in the backline)

This is new player friendly though you do require imaginary elements. Assuming you are a relatively new player.
50% NP CEs also work but you will need to level up arash’s NP charge to max as well as Spartacus’s.
This is more accessible in a way since you would have gotten 50% CEs from events.

Wave 3 or other waves is someone who can fire their NP on their own.
Cheapest one i can think of is Paracelsus but it wont work unless the enemy is assassins.
No leveling of his skills are needed to fire his NP without assistance!