Who is the best pokemon in pokemon go?

Now, I know this sounds kinda vague, but I have had enough with the ¨Good for__¨ Pokemon, and want a solid answer of, all things considered (pvp, pve, rocket battles) Who is the best pokemon in pokemon go?

There is no single best Pokemon. If there was, the game would be a lot less fun.


For PVE , I guess it should be Psystrike Mewtwo -best generalist- so ‘better in vacume’

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Like @hkn said, there’s no single “best” option out there. Even some of the stronger Mons out there perform really well in some areas, and terribly in others.

However, there are a handful of Mons that can perform well across all 4 modes of battle (gyms, raids, PvP, grunts). If I had to pick one that performs well across the board, it would be Dialga. It’s a top-tier contender in both the Master and Ultra Leagues, a strong generalist for Grunt battles, an excellent choice to round out your Dragon raid team (since it takes neutral damage from Dragon-type attacks), and a good (yet fairly slow) generalist for clearing gyms.


Hydro Cannon Swampert.
In PvP is a complete monster, been the only mon that is usable in all 3 leagues. Not only that, it’s actually amazing, been rank #5 in great league, and rank #4 in ultra and master. It also beats the king of each league (registeel in great and ultra, and dialga in masters).
In gyms and raids it has the best energy generation move in mud shot, so it can spam the best move in the game. Swampert is only 2% below kyogre in dps, but with a more flexible move (2 bars) and earthquake as coverage.
Only one weakness, to a type that’s not common, makes it very efficient specialist and generalist.
In rocket battles, hydro canon will freeze the opponent move (because of the bug), so you can spam your charged moves and don’t even get hurt.
So yes, there is a mon that can do all, and only one. And it’s very easy to get

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I second that.

If people are talking about

there is a reason: there is no single “best” pokémon. Otherwise we wouldn’t bother with “good for __” and tier lists, we would just use the best pokémon in the game and stop playing after a week out of boredom.

You might be interested in this thread from september, asking for “Mons who are strong (if not downright amazing) across all four of these different modes of battle.”: The Most Versatile Mons

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Quick nit-pick, Mud Shot isn’t great in PvE but got buffed for PvP to be a Psycho Cut clone. Still the better Ground fast move though in PvE.

Giratina says hi! :sweat_smile:

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The best pokemon is Giratina, full stop. I find it unlikely you’ll see any debate on this. Let me know if you have any other questions. I’ll be here till 6 or so, PST.

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The best pokemon, full stop, is Giratina

I think you mean “The best pokemon is Guratina full stop”


Swampert, if versatility is taken to account.

If in Partly Cloudy, my experience is that Regigigas with the right fast move is the best one.

For Rockets and PVP, Giratina-A is the best one, Registeel comes in second. And yes you read the “Registeel” right.

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What swampert has is the best move in the game in Hydro cannon. The premise is to get to this move the faster it can. The energy generation of mud shot is the key. Note that with mud shot and hydro cannon swampert has 98% of the total DPS of KYOGRE, wich is a monumental task. It cannot reach this numbers with water gun (wich already has) bubble, or even waterfall. As a generalist it has stab in mud shot, and as a especialist ground covers fire and rock, only missing SE damage against ground itself.
But yes, mud shot is not a great move for PvE. Hydro cannon is

Giratina is no longer the king of any league.
In masters dialga is the undisputed king, and swampert is one of the few mons that can beat it.
In Ultra, registeel took the crown not so long ago, but it’s so dominant is not even funny. It demolishes charm users, both giratinas in every single shield and bait situation, cresselia, and venusaur (the swampert and blastoise slayer). Giratina is not even a must nowadays, all the effort to mitigate the renegade dragon power to go again to the same situation… ultra league is sad.
And we are talking about origin one. The altered giratina has a virtual tie with Swampert not only in ultra, but in masters too.


Though Wobbuffet is a close 2nd.

Maybe a 1a and a 1b?

Hmm. Will need to PvP these two to come to a final conclusion.


Do not forget that Registeel is almost a hard counter to nearly all rocket grunts or Admins with no Fire, Fighting or Ground Fast Moves. Beware of Cliff’s T-Tar, however.

True but it will get eaten alive by dark type pokemon darkrai for example and I’m pretty sure one of the rocket leaders carry a Tyranitar

There is no best single pokemon why simply because of different types like electric beats water or water beats fire etc altho mewtwo is very powerful there are dark type pokemon that can eat away at it so it’s really down to the typing really

I don’t forget. I put registeel (just) a step behind swampert just because it’s not so good in the PvE area.
But in PvP with lock on is now amazing in ultra and great league

Agree. Shuckle for the win. (Although winning what, I’m not sure, …)


I am just saying, who can be the best in the most things.

Dialga, if maxed and you get the 2nd move. I use it everyday. Probably Swampert if you are on a budget. TBH I’ve used Swampert less than a dozen times. I have 4 maxed Kyogre and my PvP battles are against myself and/or my 4.95 year old son. I use maxed Ancient Power Giratina-A against many Rocket Leaders, doing a slow roll to get that a 2nd move