Who is the best slower in game

Hi, i want to know who is the best slower in game, not just 6 star, but also low squad


I’d say Suzuran, her fragile effect is simply amazing. Her S2 is good if you have time to charge it. S3 gives even better slow and fragile effect, but she stops attacking.


A little background first. “Slow” and “Movement Speed reduction” are considered two different things.

The attacks/skills that Slow enemies (such as the normal attacks from Slower Supporters) reduces enemy speed by 80%. This effect cannot stack. So two Slower Supporters attacking the same enemy won’t slow them down more than normal.

Movement Speed reduction (such as Saria’s S3) have different values depending on the skill. These effects can stack with one another.

And finally, Slow and Movement Speed reduction can stack with one another.

As for who the best slower is, that’s very hard to say as there are a lot of options.

As Aurane mentioned, Suzuran’s S3 is very good. Asides from an expanded range, it Slows all enemies in range and makes them take more damage as well.

Saria S3 has a similar effect but only a 60% movement reduction (compared to Slow’s 80%) and only increases the Arts damage that enemies take.

With her upgraded Module, Mostima has a passive and global movement reduction effect. The value is somewhat low at 18% though but the effects aren’t restricted to a specific range so enemies are affected as soon as they’re on the map.

Manticore’s S1 applies a 35% movement reduction (50% at M3) that lasts for 4 seconds (5 at M3). Since she attacks once per 2.7 seconds, the effect is essentially permanent as long as the enemy is in her range so she can keep reapplying the debuff. Her module further reduces enemy movement speed in her range by 20%.

Elysium S2 provides a movement reduction debuff alongside a DEF debuff.

Saileach S3 provides Slow and Fragile (similar to Suzuran).

For slowing single targets (instead of large groups), some good options are May and Angelina.

May’s S1 (when M3) slows enemies for 2.5 seconds with every 4th attack. She attacks once per second, so that’s 2.5 seconds Slow, 1.5 seconds normal speed. If you have Archetto and/or Guard Chen, she could have better uptime.

May’s S2 slows the enemy she hits with every attack, and has a chance to stun them as well.

Angelina’s S2 slows one enemy with each attack, and with the attack interval reduction, she attacks once every 0.285 seconds, so the enemy she targets is permanently Slowed during the skill’s duration assuming she focuses only on one enemy.

Off the top of my head, Podenco and Shirayuki.

Podenco’s S2 slows enemies in the range of the skill, but only for 5 seconds (6 seconds at M1 and above). Her skill’s SP cost is 29 SP (23 at M3). But it also Silences enemies, so it can be useful on certain enemies.

Shirayuki’s S2 applies movement reduction on enemies in the attack’s range while also dealing arts damage per second.

Another option, but with high investment, is Earthspirit. Her S2 at M3 applies Slow to enemies in her range every 1.4 seconds. Slow normally only applies for 0.8 seconds. With the module, it becomes 1.2 seconds. Her Talent increases that duration by 0.13 seconds for a total of 1.33 seconds. The upgraded module further increases her Talent’s bonus to 0.23 and 0.33 at level 2 and 3 respective. So the total Slow duration becomes 1.43 and 1.53. So even with the level 2 module, her S2’s Slow uptime becomes 100% for the skill’s duration.


I’ve heard a lot of good from Ethan’s future Module lvl 3 S2M3. With it he can potentially hold enemies in place for the entire duration of his skill (30 s).

  • Movement Speed of enemies in Attack Range is reduced by -20% (Module)
  • Talent Bind chance 84% during skill
  • Bind duration 3.5 s
  • Attack interval 3.5 s