Who is the better Waifu? (Rin faces)

Yeah I hit 24 and I was like, k I’m old now it’s all fair game

But when I was 22 I was like “wow 27 is sooooo old”

I was such a brat lol


When I was 27 or 28, I had some kid message me and tell me I was a “hot daddy.”

Bitch, I am not your daddy.


I do often find myself wishing that our FGO Rinfaces had a bit more OG Rin in them. Hitting your tsundere quota is nice and all, but I liked the Rin that had a sense of responsibility way bigger than herself, that was raised and shaped by the culture of magecraft but still had her personal convictions, and did what it took to see it through. She was calculating, but she knew how to factor compassion and emotion into those calculations. Same sorts of reasons I liked Zero Waver. I like the Rinface family just fine, but they don’t really hold a candle to OG Rin.

As to the rest of it, I remember a very peculiar situation from around my 18th birthday. I’d starting working with a school and a tutoring service for late high-school kids when I was still 17, and because I was under 18 I didn’t have to go through a background check to make sure I wasn’t dangerous for children. I ended up having to cancel a lesson because I did need that check on my 18th birthday but it takes about a week to get it, so I had to cancel until the government could figure out if I was safe for children or not, which apparently was not a concern for the preceding 6 months. Not that my students were ~interesting~ anyway, even though some were in fact older than me, but the relationship being a literal job has a way of turning you off.


I thought you were married :eyes:


I very much agree, here. It’s not so much the age difference itself, but the significant financial and cultural divide. The 20’s are a period of radical changes.

College introduces you to myriad new experiences that can significantly alter your goals and attitudes.

Trying to establish a career often means many unforeseen lifestyle changes, like relocation or time commitments, and being tied down to a spouse may necessitate forgoing important opportunities.

Finally, 10 years can represent a shift in healthcare needs, especially later in life. In my own experience, my grandparents declined pretty rapidly over their last 10 years of life, which would force a much younger spouse to compromise their own well-being by sacrificing much of the final golden years of life to care for the elder.


It’s something I often find difficult to explain to people who haven’t quite been in the same position (or who, worse, had interests in their teachers and don’t quite see why it’s creepy), but that’s really it. I got on the trail pretty young, so I started teaching university classes the year I turned 21 - with most of my students turning 20. But whenever I stepped into the wild world of dating apps, I would almost invariably encounter a student on them and experience such visceral repulsion that I would delete the app entirely. Not the student’s fault - they were perfectly eligible - but they were just too different in terms of what was going on with them. Most lived with their parents, worked retail jobs if they worked at all and were of course still studying, while I was on the first few steps of what has turned into a fledgling career, living alone on a grad student budget. It would have been ridiculously uncomfortable, to say nothing of the potential for marking scandals :fgo_bblaugh:


I am - I’m the guy I wouldn’t have wanted to date when I was younger, though.

Even though I’m not in the dating pool, it’s funny to think that I have a hard time relating to college life. The tables have turned.


Thread about best Rin

Half the thread is about the definition of a MILF



Wait until we work the Extra classes into this. It’s gonna get wild.

ofcourse people will think og rin is superior. Her only other competition had worms, unlike fgo rin who has way better competition




Rin is Rin :fgo_ishtaridgaf:
why argue on who is the best rinface :fgo_ishtargone:


Because all Rins are equal, but some are more equal than others


I don’t know anybody who is 25 and up who doesn’t complain about their neck, their back, their pussy or their crack or their hips. We all need PT


You know me and I don’t have problems with any of those.

Anyway Eresh is probably my least favorite Rin. The OG is best. Honorable mention to sassy babies


What’s your secret :eyes:

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For me, it’s like, 27 years old to 45 years old, after that, you gain the cougar title. Ain’t just an age tho, but also a vibe of comfort or one of control over a situation. Vibe matters more so MILFY does mean mom, but I’m flexible on the mom bit more or less


I want to say eat healthily and exercise but I only do 1 of those things and I know plenty of people messed up from the exercise so :feh_lucyshrug:

Pray to RNGesus or something when you’re a kid that you’ll be the lucky one.
Or it’ll all go downhill next year when I hit 30 and I only put it off 5 years from your expectation.

I’ve been told my entire life I’m going to have back problems bc I’m incredibly flat-footed and I’ve always had jobs that keep me on my feet all day, but it hasn’t happened yet.


I am genuinely insulted that no one tagged me for the MILF talk considering how much I love MILFS, and all the stupid things I’ve said. Or the times I start crying because someone’s so pretty/hot. Those are fun