Who is this Alear?

She doesn’t seem so tough.

Seriously, though. Ran into an Alear in AR today and Holst just destroyed her, because that man is funny.


+46 atk and spd.

Police this person is hacking





Told ya, man. Holst funny. Also, his little sister is just about the best support for him in the game. A/S Oath 4 and BD on Holst; Rally D/R+ and Inf. Null-F on Hilda; and L!Robin, because I’m an asshole like that. XD

And with Distant Dart, there’s very little that Holst can’t kill.


Holst build?


Also posting Hilda because my Holst is designed around working in tandem with her. The way I have them set up, there is no Holst without Hilda.

And, like I said, he’s also been teamed up with (stock) L!Robin in AR, where he wholloped Alear.

Fomortiis, Embla, even high nukes like W!Lysithea and Corrinja get shrugged off.

Can he be defeated? Yes. There is no truly invincible unit.

Is it easy? Absolutely not.

EDIT: Also, as he’s a Light-Blessed unit used in-season: he gets buffs from Ullr, Peony, and Dagr; so that’s +8 SPD and +5 RES.


That’s awesome, I made a post recently with Roy hitting 85 hp and having 50 minimum to his stats cause of arena buffs, I’d like to verse your unit to see what I can work on my Roy with

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I’ll look at the simulator and see if I can’t set it up right. Looks like they have more options since last time I was there.

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I’ll have to do it again on my PC because I can’t take screencaps from Incognito on my phone; but Round 1 was Holst’s initiation, WITH Grand Strategy, ending in Holst’s win (Roy’s Unity WAS active and he was adjacent to whoever his support is). I’ll check other conditions (no GS/Roy initiates, w/ and w/o GS) once I get to my computer.

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I didn’t know you could see the post with my Roy. I don’t have a 100% favorite build for him yet cause I’m so indecisive with all the possibilities, but melee tank seemed nice :rofl:

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I didn’t even know it was mod-locked until just now; it wasn’t when I checked, so I went back to grab your build.

This one, yeah?

I see there was a lot of drama that apparently went on in the thread and, for my own sanity, I’m not going to dive into it.


That’s my current build. And you shouldn’t dive into it. It’s just ridiculous bs.


Not planning to. I just got home from work, it’s been a long day, I may be paralyzed tomorrow, and I just don’t have the patience for drama. I just want sit back and play some video games right now.

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I feel you brother, I’m on the train home now. I’m sorry you might be paralyzed, I’ll pray for you tonight to not have to suffer and to have the best situation you can have, you don’t deserve this.

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Eh, it’s fine. I’m a SpEd para, and we had a field trip to a sports center today. We were in the gymnastics room, and I was in line to try one of the setups. Hit the landing, but didn’t stick it, my momentem carried me face-first off the landing and about 3 feet down onto a padded landing. My legs went up over my head and I clearly felt the pressure in my spine.

But: I can walk and there’s no tingling or numbness, so there doesn’t seem to be any severe spinal damage. Neck and back actually feel better than ever, only lasting pain is a bit of soreness in the muscle of my right arm, which I probably pulled when catching myself.

TL;DR - It was my own fault, I’m not upset about it. My actions, my consequences.

Anyways, I’m getting to work on those FEH sims. For balancing reasons - and because I can only work with what I see - I’m disregarding all Legendary/Mythic bonuses on both Holst and Roy. Partner/Summoner supports are included and being treated as if both units are adjacent to their supports.

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I love you bro, you’re amazing and I only want you to remember that you’re strong and amazing and even me as a random stranger on the internet, I care about you a lot and think that you didn’t deserve that much pain. I’ll pray until I pass out for you man.

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Results are coming in. I also forgot to mention that the conditions I used were that the two units would trade blows each turn until one is defeated, so no “Holst initiated and didn’t beat Roy in one turn, so it’s a draw.” I will mention in the results when single-combat results in a draw.

Round 1: Holst initiates, Grand Strategy is active.

Holst wins.

Round 2: Roy initiates, Grand Strategy is active.

Holst wins.

Round 3: Holst initiates combat, Grand Strategy is NOT active.

Holst initiation results in both units surviving. Holst wins on Enemy Phase.

Round 4: Roy initiates combat, Grand Strategy is NOT active.

Roy’s initiation results in both units surviving. Holst wins on Player Phase.

So assuming that I got all the stuff entered in correctly, the results are:
Holst achieves a sweeping victory.

I thank you for the consideration. If it’s any consolation, I’m pretty sure I’ll be fine. Like I said, the only lasting effects are a bit of soreness in my arm that will probably be gone in a day or two, tops. Maybe a bit stiff in the back, but nothing catastrophic. I’m not truly paralyzed from this, I was being a touch hyperbolic.

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He’s just too good :triumph::triumph:

I’m just glad you’re okay, at the very least you may have opened your body to be a bit more flexible, that could be a plus