Who is worthy of your "All" support slot?

Though of a decent idea for a poll topic.

Throughout my time sifting through the “All” category on the Support list, I’ve seen a variety of servants, and having not been able to speak with the overwhelming majority of players, I never got an answer for why they chose this servant to show up on their first slot.

So, I ask you all, why have you chosen your current servant to show up in your “All” support slot? There may be more than one valid answer, so just choose whichever one resonates with you most.

Because they are:

  • My waifu/husbando (love)
  • An overflow servant (space)
  • A purely utilitarian choice (strength)
  • Very unique (rarity or often underappreciated)

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Also, feel free to share more about why and even showcase them if you like!


We should make it a rule to share a screenshot of your support when you cast a vote.

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I switch between being a showoff kiyohime slot and mass utility (currently typically meaning merlin, and if I manage to pull in the future, skadi) slot myself

typically the former during breather periods, and the latter during events

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Yeah, that’s a good idea. I’ll start off then:

I wouldn’t consider Sitting EX my husbando, but he is currently my favorite servant that is maxed. Pretty soon, Raikou will take this spot, but for now he watches over my friends and helps them out in times of need. Workin’ on those gold Fous and grails…


grailed np5. yes, good

honestly, I like ths more than raikou. far less common as a bonus

I’ve had the same feeling, and I wouldn’t necessarily mind putting her on my Berserker slot, but then I don’t want to relegate my boy Herc. I’ll have to decide between him and Okita (as my current Saber).

Here’s mine, jeanne is just special too me


I put main waifu Mash there.


In my all slot I have my hubby best clay , at level 97 for now, they also are 10/8/10, I need more Homunculus babies and 32 mil qp to max them out. Probably after the new Chrismas lotto I will do that. Unfortunately, as they already cost me alot I wont be able np5 them, but in the future I might go for np2.


During events I go for Merlin for utilitarian choice.

Any other week it’s waifu

Off weeks:


Not my husbando or anything like that, but lancelot is in my all slot because he’s just so damn cool


I usually keep Tamamo in there.

My Waver earns too much FP to be supplanted in the Caster slot, but trying to find a decently skilled Tamamo was the bane of my existence for months in this game. Now I keep her there in case someone needs her.


:fgo_umu: of course.

Also she does earn quite some FP, so it is love for waifu + unintentional strength I guess


Kinda feel bad because I am one of those masters that prioritizes their Merlin over Tamamo. Fox mom deserves better than this. ;-;

It’s a shame you can’t fit the OG Nero on there for maximum Umu! We need a Berserker/Ruler, DW!


For me MHXA is in all cause I like her and a np5 raikou with mlb scope gets a lot fp (same with waver in caster slot)

Nobody lol

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Oh yeah, maybe I should put them on rotation or something on saber slot. Also same shame with Lip, Melt and BB… At least there is no slot overlap between Umu and clones of my Best Waifu №2 :sweat_smile:

I share that sentiment.
A skilled Tamamo is a massive QoL improvement… and JP keeps reminding me of that luxury so she’ll stay there for a long time to help those that need her.



Either Nyantalanta or Medea with bond Ce.
Edit: Nyantalanta with Heroic Formal Dress is Also a choice


Your devotion is appreciated! I plan to whale hard for Best Fox Waifu on New Years, and I will be sure to share her with the world for a long time after, even if she must supplant my Waver or Merlin (I don’t have Lunchtime, so nobody notices them, anyway). I hear there are far fewer Tamamos out there once Skadi arrives, and it makes me sad…

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