Who is your favorite unit for R Duel Infantry besides Tharja?

As the title says, who’s you’re favorite unit for R Duel Infantry besides Tharja? Why?

The reason I ask is that my free 5* summer unit was S!Helbindi. He’s fodder for R Duel Infantry or his dual rally+ or both, so I’m trying to think of red infantry that would be good to +10 strictly for Arena scoring modes. I already have Tharja +10ed, built up, and she has R Duel Infantry, so she’s out as an option. She tops the list for R Duel Infantry for me, but since she’s already done, I’m looking for other ideas. I won’t list units I’ve speculated about building yet because I’d like to hear from you! Thanks!

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Any +10 red infantry unit you have for scoring that is not already above 170 BST. They also need a Prf weapon. It all depends on your units unless you want a suggestion to have you build a +10 red infantry unit as well.


Silvia and Olivia being refreshers makes them really great options for arena, though Dance scores a lot lower than Rally’s do.

Beyond them, there’s no one really better than Tharja that i can think of off the top of my head.


Well, some are much better than others. Laslow, for example, is an excellent support and frontline DC+Vantage tank, but without DC and with R Duel Infantry instead, is he really awesome or just ok?

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But OP would get more mileage out of giving his +10 the skill than a +5. We need to know their roster to know who it would be good to give too.

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Yeah, I won’t be using any refreshers because of the score issue. I should mention that I bounce between T20/21, so I’m only doing max score stuff to build multiple Arena cores to have three teams, each blessed and with a legendary (those are a work in progress except for one, L!Celica).

Support units like Marth or Corrin.


^ Basically what i was about to say after looking through the list.


Why Tharja? Any red infantry unit that scores low can make use of this skill.



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Eh, ignoring anything about Tharja’s character, as a unit she’s ultra flexible and useful in every mode. I agree with GP’s Tier 1 placement of her. Looking through the list of other 2-4* red infantry units, ones like Laslow are ranked in tier 1, but I question how effective he is if his Distant Counter is replaced with the Duel skill.

Lots of units can use it, but which ones suffer the least from losing their A slot? That’s a more difficult question.

I’d say just keep it for now until you find a Red unit that has low BST you want to use in Arena or Mjolnir’s Strike

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Depends on the team.

For example, I have Odin with B Duel Infantry, and he’s on a team with a mixed tank and a Galeforcer, so the only thing Odin needs to worry about is buffing his allies.

Laslow, yes, loses the ability to counter ranged units, but if you already have a ranged counter in your arena core then it wouldn’t really matter.

If you’re really that stressed over it, then Marth is probably the best option. He can buff his teammates with drive buffs and, if need be, counter dragon units.


I’m not stressed about it in the slightest, I’m just theory crafting. :) Like, Laslow with R Duel is objectively worse than Mini-Marth, and they both give spectrum +4 to the team. They don’t make a lot of sense together, but on a separate core he could be a nice buffer, and I could make that happen. He definitely has the advantage of not needing Grails like Astram or Itsuki, both of whom are stronger probably than R Duel Laslow.

But it might be better to +10 Marth, like you say, with dragon slaying. I have enough options for covering weaknesses of whoever, and if the unit rocks enough, I can definitely make it happen. I just randomly have this opportunity thanks to the free 5* pull.

If you have a red Arena core member they’ll use it

My Marth is an example.

Otherwise support units don’t need an a slot as much. M!Corrin and Marth are good examples of that


Once I get two copies of Summer Helbindi, I’m planning to give R Duel Infantry to Morgan.
But that’s because my new arena team who is currently under development is lacking a magic user. You might say Lilina and Tharja are better and I won’t say they aren’t. But Morgan can be a surprising supporter with the proper skills and I feel he’s been ignored over the past years. I’ve decided I’m giving him a chance and his stats are a lot similar to Soren, who is an excellent candidate of G Duel Infantry.


Shocked that not a single person in this thread mentioned Iago.

He’s the only red Infantry I can think of that highly desires the extra HP that R Duel Infantry gives thanks to his Prf.


He is by far the best user of this skill, yes, but I’m guessing no one mentioned him because he is one of the most disliked villains in the franchise.


No ones!
Because I won’t sacrifice S! Helbinbro for this! Ever!

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I was lucky to pull SHelbendi too. Scoring wise, the best user for it is LMarth, as he comes with a 300SP B skill, making him able to reach the same scores as most Pair-Up legendaries.

He is stupidly limited though, and even with the boost, he scores the same as Astram or Itsuki, outside fire seasons. Pretty disappointed.

So overall, I kinda feel disappointed by the skill.

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If I ever got R Duel Inf fodder, I would give it to Mia. But I’m probably the only person who would do that

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