Who is your favourite 5 star saber?

Having so many badass sabers in the game, I wonder which saber is your favourite?
What do you like about your saber waifu? Personality? Gameplay? Lore? etc.

Well, my favourite saber is vanilla Arthuria ( screw Altria), I dont have her, but I really love the King of Knights and I am hoping for a spook. I like her lore, design and personality. In FGO she is a badass saber.
So what are your fav waifus?

TLDR: all sabers in FGO are great waifus, lets agree to disagree, we all have our preferences, and there is no need for waifu wars. Peace.


Okita san :fgo_anchin_sama:




I would say void shiki. I love her demeanor, her elegance and her NP. And the fact she wield a katana is a plus for me.



Woah, so cute.

My fav? Saber of course…

Who else :fgo_umu:

What I like about her? Everything :heart:


including her star singularity?

If I go by the ‘complete package’ of design, character and gameplay, Okita.
Outside of gameplay/animations, OG Saber would be slightly ahead of Okita.

Damn, you know how to hit where it hurts :sweat_smile: Let’s just say America redeemed her main story presence and leave it at that :wink:

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Now, this should have been in this thread: Arthur. No need to talk much, he is gorgeous. Now I just need to wait for 2 years for his buff to come and prob another year (hopefully) for his Strengthening Quest :fgo_jeannu:


not on na rn but

fav fighting style
fav design
that dps support kit
that lore
that personality


Mordred I guess.

Let’s see… Gameplay wise, okita. I love her.
Character wise bride.
I really hate all the katana nonsanse np pop culture installed in us. Katana are not good sword and have flowed design. But let us move on.

A saber I actually like very much is saber alter.
I am a saber hater, but I know why. The contradiction in her personality and her story ( contradiction the author of the story use to make her similar to emiya) and the fact that rin exist made her very low in my waifu list.
But saber alter is her version without those contradiction, and I f***ing love how badass she is


Since you are restricting my choices to 5 star Sabers, I am going with Okita.

She’s a fun and cute character. I like OG Saber as well (more than Okita tbh, but that’s entirely due to FSN and Zero), however her character presence is non-existent in FGO and hence disqualified.

If all Sabers ae considered, then my answer should be obvious.

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haradaya saber?

she’s definitely in my future wants list

Hardly to be avoided, though, given how saturated sabah are with femmes :fgo_kiarasmile:

Should be self-evident who’s my pick, anyway - since, without her Extella-act, I wouldn’t be here as I am wont to say:

Incidentally, where she is now Etzel-chan kicks single targets as much in the teeth as any dedicated ST-nuke.

I’ll go with Shiki, mainly because her ascensions are all gorgeous and i summoned her first.

I just love the 2nd one.

Gameplay wise i’ll go with Okita too.


believe it or not

i actually didnt know her artist was haradaya

more reason to want her i guess

but yes i meant her