Who is your most underrated/overrated servant?

Not meant to cause any fuss or anything, just an honest inquiry on who you guys think don’t get enough love (or get too much). As usual, I’ll start first.

For underrated, I’ll go with Orion (classic). I maybe biased since Artemis was my first ever SSR, but I do think she gets a little too much hate. She’s an airhead, but she can be a loveable airhead at times (and for some reason I dig her relationship with Orion from a comical standpoint). On top of that she has a very offensive-focused anti-male trait; while Euryale is more focused on stalling with a damage bonus, I think Orion is more damage focused with a stalling bonus, if that makes any sense. The only thing I really have to complain about is the NP gain allocation. Aside from that, I’ll use Artemis whenever I need a ST archer (especially if the enemy is male).

As for overrated would have to be Georgios, sadly. I do still get good use out of him, don’t get me wrong, and he’s a very solid unit. Problem I have is that I’ve heard nothing but completely divine praise for him and his tanking abilities. When I try him out, though, most I can use him for is with low-to-mid level enemies. Even with his defensive buffs anything higher would just dice him. I don’t know if it’s because I don’t have him properly leveled (he’s max level with each of his skills at 5) but I can’t seem to make him work with how people say he works.

I don’t know, what about you guys?


Orion and Artemis is also my most underrated servant too. If you want to have a Tankier Euryale Orion is your man(girl?). LB5 also make me appreciate them a lot more.


High five.


I don’t have in my roster any servant that I consider as underrated or overrated. I do have servant that are rated pretty low like Shiki Saber (my favorite Saber) or quite high like Merlin/Skadi… but I think it’s more or less deserved.

If I have to pick a servant that I think overrated, I would pick King Hassan. I have never really understood the hype around “gramps” (maybe because I have little interested in the story). He’s a good soloer with a very bulky constitution but that’s all about him. He’s a very much mediocre point servant considering his rarity and one of the weakest Merlin’s 5* futa. He’s an assassin with zerker gorilla deck hence he got the worst of both classes: low damage mod from assassin, inconsistent c.star and np gen from zerker. And on top of that his niche is ST instant killing (good luck) :confused:

As for underrated, I would still stick with Assassin and pick MHX. Historically MHX issue was that she was a worst Jack, with high gen stat but lower than Jack and mediocre damage. Now that she has been upgraded she argually the hardest hitting Quick ST 3-Turner as well as the best ST Saber killer in game. Despite that many people still think she is bad or at best “decent”.


For King Hassan, I would say it’s mostly due to his participation in the story, every time he shows up, he has a huge presence, and maybe also because he’s been absent from jp gacha for a long time, so he’s pretty rare…
Btw, it’s nice to see a fellow mhx fan!


salter feels overrated. got her more than a year ago and still have her skills at 4. sure she hits hard but mordred and other sabers with battery exists.

underrated is jekyll. not only hes fun but also useful in a team that can generate stars to delete last wave non-rider boss while first 2 waves are riders


100% agree.


I like King Hassan because he can solo, hence doesn’t need Caster supports who get wrecked by riders anyways. But more importantly, he looks badass :smirk:


My most underrated servant is Nightingale, who I heard gets a lot of hate? I guess my supports are pretty lacking so she fills in the spot well. I don’t have Merlin, so her 3rd skill is great for my buster heavy chaldea. Her NP is also great for teamwide debuff clear, another support role I lack. She also generates a surprisingly large amount of stars which is nice. Overall, she’s been good to me and I feel like everyone gives her too hard of a time :joy:

Overrated I’d say is Medea (I’m sorry :cold_sweat:). Yes spammable buff removing NP is nice, but I haven’t really had need to repeatedly remove buffs from enemies in quick succession. She hits like a wet noodle and then dies fast…she just hasn’t lived up to her reputation for me…maybe just not using her right, or not a good fit for my teams :woman_shrugging:


King Hassan is more like Quatzacoatl. NP hits decent damage but main damage comes from normal attacks so they’re good for soloing (Both even have guts).

I’ve never seen Gerogios as a tank before. I always thought he was meant to taunt and die with a ‘buff upon death’ CE.

Overrated for me is Spartacus. Everyone says he’s a farmer on par with Arash but I haven’t found him to be so. His NP is only good for first wave when farming embers or QP. I still have use for him but not really on the same level as Arash as everyone says.

Underrated would be Cursed Arm Hassan. Three hit avoid skill, crit star batt, crit damage up and a cool new animation update. I may not get to use him much now but he has saved me many times during the early parts of the game as my last stand servant. I would recommend him to masters who are just starting out


For me my most overrated would also have to be King Hassan. Mostly due to All that Hype leading up to him, lots of people raving about how great he is and all that. I mean he does seem good at soloing due to his tankiness but that’s about it, I’ve basically always got a better option when it Comes to a normal Damage dealer so the only time he sees use is in the rare occasion I want to try and solo something with him specifically, which isn’t often and even then I’d rather take Cu Alter for that most the time anyway.

As for Underrated I’m gonna go with Hundred Personas, I levelled them up on a whim during DaVinci lotto and have been Having fun using them a fair bit since then. I’d never really given any thought to Hundred Personas before, but they seem to be a fairly decent 3 star and I don’t normally here that much talk about them, good or bad. Though I’m guessing they normally get eclipsed by the likes of Shiki and Kiritsugu? But yeah those are probably my picks.

Eh it’s all opinion anyway no need to be sorry. As for Medea I personally don’t think she’s overrated (I may be a tad biased though). I mean a 3 * that can remove buffs with her Spammable NP, Cleanse debuffs from a team mate as well as increase their NP gain for a turn Plus a generic heal for herself. Seems pretty good for a low rarity to me. Sure she deals wet noodle damage on her NP but if she actually had decent NP damage she’d arguably be the best low rarity in the game, that isn’t a straight up support or Arash, as decent ST Casters are rare enough. Plus she’s not normally used for her damage Anyway her Niche is all about on demand buff removal/ debuff removal and when it comes to that there’s not many that do it as well as she does. But yeah if you don’t value her Niche then sure I can see why she’d come across as overrated, as she’s not gonna be all that amazing as a normal DPS Caster.

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I’m not a mhx fan through (but I do like her chara design)
I just give credit where credit is due.

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Well, I’m pretty sure a lot of the Orion hate is due to her not being Orion rather than her actual gameplay.
Slightly saddened by Georgios taking that spot, but this is why I recommend buffs for him since he’s pretty broken lore-wise and could be better.

@Danakane Fair enough, I don’t have my First Hassan on support because Jack is pretty broken with how much she can spam her NP. He is quite strong, but he’s not as epic as his lore/character which is why most people get him (or at least why I did). Also do you mean saber killer for MHX? Because you wrote archer killer.

@Ruler_Martha_saved_m I’d really like to use my Jekyll more, but so many favorite/good assassins to skill level (also Melt being a gem thief) that he hasn’t gotten his skills leveled up very high. He’s on the list for grailing as well, I just don’t have the grails right now.

@cliffy1616 Agreed with Hundred Personas. She tends to get overlooked because Shiki exists, but similar with Kiritsugu she has better NP effects, so it depends whether you’re prioritizing damage or effects. I figure the other thing is her heal skill removing buffs, but if you time it well then it’s not a problem. Or I guess pair her with Medea Lily after her buff and you can avoid the buff removal as well as double the healing effect.

As for my own, I don’t want to call anyone overrated, so I’ll just mention some underrated ones: Edison (often is just considered an overcharge niche and his NP and second skill get completely ignored, not to mention his first skill buff in JP), Saber Lily (often thought of as bad because of 3 star stats, but she’s nowhere near as bad as the comments seem to suggest), Carmilla (not exactly fair to compare her to a broken 5 star, she’s pretty good outside of that comparison), Romulus (ROMA is quite tanky, and will be more so when he gets his buff, sure his Guts is time-sensitive but it’s really not all that bad with the heals he has)


Right, I got my idea mixed up.

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you should try leveling jekyll, hes not op but fun. Especially when his assassin buster cards got 100 crit change and doing NpBB chain for berserker crits

Underhyped: Medea. She doesn’t get much screentime as I’d like. In the right art team she’s a beast. Put her With Iri and Tamamo(with gentle affection and Prisma cosmos, respectively), slap a black grail on her, use her debuf cleanse/50% NP gain on Iri to make her useable and you’ll be invincible against assassin mobs

Also Caster Cu. Anyone really remember him aside from the first singularity, and the KNK event commercial?

Overhyped: Waver. It’s probably because I don’t have Kaleidoscopes and other rare CEs for whale 3 turn farming setups, but I’ve gotten this far without him just fine. I don’t really mind taking a few more tirns to farm.

Plus, unless it’s a challenge quest with a “enemy servant uses NP every turn” or something, I’ve got no problem waiting a bit to use NPs


Gets behind Mash

Hercules is overrated

He is Decent-Good at best unless he is the last guy on the field(And that’s with his Bond CE, he isn’t very remarkable without it these days), there are better berserkers to build a team around so having a guy that is at his best when everything else is dead quickly loses its value the longer you play.


Honestly I completely agree he takes way too much investment to be good. Without his bond CE he is just like any berserker and gets out damaged by Beowulf for burst, so there’s almost no reason to bring him in my experience. A far better anchor servant is Cu in any of his forms.


The thing is, Georgios has a very specific role: he exists to soak up damage in a solo-run, allowing your soloer to get in a few more turns of damage unmolested. In that niche, he is the king due to his low rarity meaning everyone has access to him, low materials requirements, and his bond CE helping him in this role as well. In any other scenario, you are usually better off taking an offensive rider instead.

Salter’s thing is that, in the early days of the game, she was overpowered compared to her competition, because of her higher NP multiplier paying greater dividends. Unfortunately she has a very vanilla kit, including the godawful vanilla Instinct and E-rank charisma, but if you need a beefy lancer wave dead, she is still your gal. My NP2 Salter, with proper support, can easily do 140k damage per enemy. Granted, after that she will have the field presence of a mosquito, but ideally you run her in a 3T comp where that doesn’t really matter.

The thing is, unlike Arash, Spartacus requires support to function well. While you can slap an MLB Imaginary Element on Arash and he can wipe a wave without outside support, for Spartacus you ideally want to use him with a 50% starter CE and a 20% batter supporter. What makes him great is not necessarily the raw damage output, but the fact that it’s Berserker damage, with a battery and a mana burst on top, making him both budget-friendly and extremely reliable even in mixed-node quests.

Edison is still incredibly niche, and doesn’t really fit anywhere outside of a cockroach tank/stall team, which is a niche gameplay style to begin with in a game that is mostly about time-efficient farming and meeting damage thresholds. He has his uses, but I would say he is being rated rather realistically. As for skill buffs, that’s something that we on the NA server can’t really factor in right now.
Saber Lily’s issue is that right now, in NA, she is bad. The thing that is going to make her useful is the NP upgrade she is going to receive, after which she will naturally rise in the rankings as a good budget farmer/wave clearer.
Carmilla is in the exact same situation as above. Right now she is underwhelming because her entire kit revolves around NP spamming and anti-trait damage, but the damage on her NP and her anti-trait bonus is not high enough to warrant spamming. Once her NP upgrade comes around, she is going to climb the rankings again, but for now she is rated rather realistically.
As for Romulus, I can’t comment, as I never raised him, nor did I look into him too much, but I am once again seeing a trend here: when the future upgrades come in, he is going to be judged in a different light, but those upgrades are necessary on the first place because right now, in the current light, he is in need of buffs because he is underwhelming, justifying his rating.

Yeah, poor guy is completely forgotten. I don’t think he even showed up in any other event since the start of the game, not even as a side-character. It’s kind of sad.

That’s like saying “Merlin is overhyped, because I don’t have any buster servants, so I have no use for him.” Sorry, but that’s just a silly way to assess whether a servant is overhyped or not.
The truth of the matter is, if you want to do efficient farming, especially during lotto events, whether you have your own Waver or not is the biggest bottleneck at the moment. After Skadi comes out, then the role with fall on her shoulders… unless you don’t have her preferred farming partners at NP2+ with an MLB Scope, in which case the biggest bottleneck is going to be having Skadi AND Waver.

No need to hide behind Mash, I think this is an open secret at this point. He is actually very similar to Salter in that they were both pretty broken in the early stages of the game, but the progression of the meta and the lack of upgrades slowly left them in the dust. Herc is still a decent starting servant and would probably carry a new player through the first few singularities (along with friend support), but most people don’t actually need him, since it takes ages to get his Bond CE, and so most of the time they are better off borrowing a friend’s Herc if they want to solo something.

Now, for my own over- and under-rated ones, I am going to start with a controversial one:
In my opinion the most overrated servant in the game is Cu Alter. Now, I am not saying he is bad, far from it, but the fact of the matter is, he is more or less a mechanically slightly different Herc with stronger face-cards. He is great for soloing, but I don’t think I have ever used him outside of that niche, so… maybe five times in total? I mean, sure, being able to cheese some of the hardest content in the game is impressive, but he doesn’t really do anything else, now does he?

My runner-up for the same spot would be Yagyu. Again, the issue is not that he is worse than what his hype-squad tells you, because he is good. His issue is similar to Cu Alter: he has an incredibly narrow niche, which is cheesing certain CQs with his Attack Down stacking. Outside of that, he is “just” a bursty arts saber.

On second though, I would honestly call most of the CQ-centric servants overrated to varying degrees. Cu Alter, Amakusa, Holmes, etc. The servants who are custom-made to excel at 1% of the game while ranging from just good to sub-par for the remaining 99%.

Now, as for underrated, I also have a couple:

-Medb: I don’t think anyone can deny that the thot queen is not exactly a powerhouse, yet I would say she is still pretty good in her niche. Her anti-trait damage and Merlin compatibility makes her able to deal silly amounts of damage to male casters and zerkers, she has an over-time battery, a trait-based attack double-buff and above average internals. She only really has three weaknesses: her low attack stat limiting his face-card damage, her charm skill being useless at the moment, and the fact that she has Ozy and Quetz for competition.

-Shuten: I have no idea why she is at T4 (though again, my Shuten is at NP2, so it partially negates the low NP damage issue). She has great stats, great internals, two strong skills (effectively a 40% team-wide attack up, with an extra 30% NP damage up for herself), with only her vanilla and pretty useless Guts skill and her low NP damage pulling her down, but even that is questionable, as mine could easily do 100k+ damage with just her own buffs and the NP damage+ Mystic Code. Hopefully her NP upgrade will see her get the appreciation she deserves.


Nah, I’m kidding. She is garbage. Worst snek.


I’m glad I never listened to anyone on gamepress about Herc. Dude was the GOAT before his bond ce, it only took me three months to get, and has saved my ass a lot of times with it.

I’m a giga King Hassan fan and I can agree he is really overrated.

Tamamo only seems good if you’re a whale tbh. “MLB scope is an entry to high end arts” wasn’t a lie.