Who likes Bold Fighter?

So, summoning for Summer Lyn, I managed to get another Christ forsaken Brave Hector. To try and stop him from showing up I’d like to sacrifice him to the mighty RNGesus but honestly, who wants Bold Fighter? Already slapped it on my Winter Cecilia and I don’t have a huge selection of armored units. Any suggestions?

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M!Grima would probably be your best candidate. He can’t use SF too well and with DC built into his weapon he can run SB/WB for an accelerated special on both phases.

This is assuming you have him. Any slow armour would work. Preferably one that you’d use PP(Obviously).

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Send 'em home for 1000 feathers


Besiades someone like Grima or Black Knight, I’d say a user of Galeforce + Slaying weapon.

There’s only one answer



I actually have all the stuff I’d need for that if I really wanted to. Is that a meme build or a real thing I’ve gone numb to them I can’t tell.

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That’s the best part:


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You can do what I did.

You can try Iceberg for a more reliable special activation and Quick Riposte for enemy phase.

Slaying Edge Death Blow Black Knight is an interesting maneuver but I don’t have it ready yet.


Why not just keep brave hector? He’s great.

Chances are he already has one.

Even better! Merged bector even better!

Just a little bit done with him after getting three on the Naga banner. One L!Tiki and no Nagas.

I made a pretty decent build on LA!Lyn with it

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I was going to suggest her. I suppose I’ve no business here. Sorry.

I feel ya. I also got three Brave Hectors from that banner. I was really bummed at that spread TBH; I only wanted Tiki merges because I already had Hector and have limited use for Naga since I care little about AR and her fodder is garbage. (And she’s sharing with Tiki again in August… Joy.)

Final count after roughly 300 Orbs was 3 Tikis, 3 Hectors, and 1 Naga. One of the Hectors was +Atk so I merged my neutral one into him but the other two are now manuals because I too, am clueless about who to give Bold Fighter to.