Who missed me? (Alternate title: Tales of a Wandering Master)

Hello my peeps! It seems like I’ve gotten back into the game after taking a break from NY-March. I may not have “played” but I did roll here and there to see if i could score a servant or two, and I did. I’ll try to include the pictures of the servants I acquired over the past few months. But back to the title of the thread. I took a break after NY’s because I felt weirdly disappointed, bored, and burnt out, so I basically quit both here and NF (the game included).

So when apocrypha came back around for the rerun, I decided to try to get back into it on my alt and roll a few times for some of the servants I knew I’d need, and I managed to score one. Then I tried to play the event, and got bored again, so i quit until olympus. I waited to play olympus on my main untill aweek ago and bulled rushed the event. I was really good, and I enjoyed it.

Back to my alt. I rolled Roma and then I tried to level him up and I realized something: I ain’t even got the mats for him :fgo_cranenervous:

Then I rolled durring Guda guda and got another Maou-Nobu and and extra Nobu-zerks and Astrea, and then I realized something again: I don’t even have the mats for them either :fgo_cranenervous:

The only servant I have the mats for, is Kintoki-zerk, Mordred, and I think Shuten…

Long story short, I am only in london…I messed up. I put most of my resources into maou nobu, but i can’t level up her skils past 3, and I need to farm like crazy to level up the other 3 servants to get them up to the levels they need :fgo_deadinside:

But yeah, other than that, How are things around here? I read that Vegas is coming back for the rerun.


I better not hear crickets in the background!


You might have just missed SSR ticket and the Collab, but you came in just in time for coins to get added.

They suck but we will all be using them.


Ah! I forgot to add that I did get waver as my free SSR. Thanks for reminding me to add him.


Nice, but is he Bond 5 already?


Halfway to bond 6.


Nice Kscope.

Give :fgo_wavermanic: :dagger:


My main goal right now is to BULLRUSH the part1 story so I can get to the Lostbelts before Castoria gets here. So my next target is most likely merlin during vegas rerun.


Sorry, who are you again? :fgo_gilwink:

Welcome back to the FGO hell.
I hope you have more control with the gacha adrenaline rush, otherwise just go pure F2P like me.
I don’t have an alt. I play other gacha games instead.

It’s nice to have you back. We need some more fun in the forums. :fgo_circehappy:




Sent you a friend request. Looking for good
supports, good friends and a good time , as always.
IGN is Dark Rook.
Edit: Ah, it seems you’re full already…

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not really true. Send it again, please.

Sent it👍

Clear to go.