Who needed the Refine more

Blade Tome Olwen with no Special cooldown increase

Or Brave Tome Olwen with shit tier Attack and has no need of being a 5*

NB4 if they gave OG.Olwen a refine they’d have to give Reinhardt the same refine… no… not really they don’t

Also what the hell is up with this patch of refines anyways 2 5* exclusives and only 1 3-4* unit… I’m fine with a grail unit getting one since they hardly never get them but why the hell 2 5* awith 1 of them having no need to getting 1 right now


The answer is Shiro :feh_nini:

The answer is Cecilia :feh_ceciliamug:

that’s exactly what i said as soon as i saw the new refine batch. why green olwen and not blue olwen? blue olwen in my opinion needs it way more, green olwen can still be made to be a decent unit with investment. but ok, IS

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My -atk +spd blue tome olwen cried at the sight of the green olwen getting a refine before her.


Granted she’s always crying because she’s -atk but still.

0x4 queen

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I actually pulled a green olwen just a few days ago…

But yeah blue olwen needs it way more


Blue owlen. Because if she gets one, I get one. :feh_rein:

Say what you will but thats what it shall be.

Looks at the Kana’s who both has the same base weapon… yet only F.Kana got one


shhh it will go the way I want. And it will be good. Because god is good god is great and in his name thou art shall pray.

for safety

Tbf, Water Breath isn’t a PRF like Dire Thunder

WT! Olwen isn’t my ideal pick for a refine, but eh. Naught to be done about it.


Yah and Raven and Gronnwolf are not the same weapons but both Robins ended up not only getting their refines at the same time but got the same ones… all I’m saying is that just because OG.Owen would get a refine doesn’t mean Reinhardt would get one also… let alone the same refine… they play completely differently so giving them both the same refine would be pointless… like +3 Spd for Reinhardt would hardly effect him much unless you actually invested into his Spd where as +3 Spd for Olwen helps her Quad foes

Oh yeah, ofc not. Could be like all the different Falchions. It’s the best way to do it, really.

Like… Dire Thunder with -2 Spd with Lull Spd/Res 6 as a refine for Olwen plz

Reinhardt would probably just get 1 extra MT and Death Blow 3 on his refine

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When are we getting the Meisterschwert refine? :feh_reinthink:


Hopefully not until F.Corrin, Setsuna, Sheena, Olwen all get their refines


I wonder what that’s called in German since Meisterschwert is already taken by Brave Sword :thinking:


Isn’t it just Master Sword in German tho

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Reinhardt is just Link who uses Magic


Brave Sword is “Kriegerschwert” actually :feh_reinthink:

There’s “Meisteraxt” and “Meisterlanze” for Killer Axe and Lance but Killing Edge is called “Schnitter” instead so Meisterschwert isn’t taken.

L!Leif’s Meisterbogen is taken though so it’s called “Meisterlicher Bogen” instead meaning Masterly Bow :feh_legion: