Who needs a 5* GHB unit to do these anyways

Just give yourself a Pain+++ Healer like Azama and watch your 3* +40 unit kill


or just go into Heroic ordeals or the map he’s on, I use Heroic Ideals by accident, and then he has bonus stats and can have a support of his choice

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but it’s hardly much of a difference besides his Lunatic having 16 more HP and Sturdy Blow…


I defeated cormag with a level 23 3* cormag. I just did a bunch of damage with L!Azura then killed with cormag.

There is also the AA solution too

“I used the Cormag to defeat the Cormag.”

Honestly, the map wasn’t the slightest bit hard, Sharena found most of their weak spots and Anna triumphed easily over Cormag. The rest was just Alfonse opening the way.

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Meanwhile I just had a unit weaken him a bit then used Micaiah’s duo skill so a low level Cormag could get the kill

“Laughs in duo micaiah”

myrrh took out everything. then Lucina did her support thing for cormag.

I used Jaffar so the 4 star one could kill :feh_lucyshrug:

Y’all make me wanna start doing these quests :eyes:

That single Orb never felt worth it to me.

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I don’t have a healer with this build. :eyes:

Use dominance, the 27 orbs I spent on duo micaiah is the best 27 I’ve ever spent

I don’t know her :ferdbirb:

It’s laziness more than it is the feeling of difficulty.

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I actually like figuring out how to get a base kit 4 Star GHB unit to beat themselves on Lunatic. I’ve managed to do it for almost every GHB (the exceptions being units I actually wanted to build and thus promoted and merged, like with Rutger and Cormag).

The hardest one was Gharnef’s. But I somehow still did it.