Who needs Aether?

I’ve recently got some aether fodder and I don’t have a clue on who needs it more. (I’m a new user and can’t put all the screenshots of my choices)

Velouria -atk +def

Norne +hp -def



Summer Ylgr

You’d probably want to slap Aether on a tank so I don’t think it would be the best choice for Raven, Sirius and Norne considering her IV’S. Velouria with her +def IV and Summer Ylgr would be good if you want to run a defensive set on her imo.

If we’re talking about Brave Lucina, I’d recommend using her with her refine instead (unless it’s a spare copy and you don’t want to merge).

Either way, out of those, I’d say Ylgr may be the only one specifically interested in it if you run a tanky build. I don’t think that Velouria and Norne are worth it and Sirius and Raven like Galeforce better.

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Welcome!, I hope you enjoy the stay!, now as for your question:

He sounds like the best choice to me of these, his [Basilikos] reduces the max CD of specials by 1 thus [Aether] will have CD=4 and he can reach high offensive stats!. Although the +eff will reduce his bulk by -5 since it has [Life and Death 3].

But tank units run it better, specially if they run ways of accelerating special charges — for example fast armors like L!Tiki can run it pretty well and have [Distant Counter] on the weapon!

Summer Yogurt

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I already have a +1 brave lucina that I’m fine with at the moment, so I just want another to have a bit more oomph with their special.

Define Aether fodder, since Chrom has Aether at 5 stars and is available at 3-4 so I don’t think it’s worth killing a 5 star exclusive for the skill…
As for the options, it depends on how you’re using the units, my two cents:

  1. Velouria is a really flexible unit and will already have it at 3 CD on turn 1 thanks to her prf, but if you’re going full offense something else would be better. For a mixed phase/sustain build it could work.
  2. Norne was demoted so her IVs aren’t a huge deal anymore, I would imagine she could use the skill well with a non-offensive build.
  3. Sirius… Maybe not. He does have the Slaying effect in his weapon but imo it’s more worthwhile to give him Galeforce, since it synerizes very well with his base kit. I mean, if you want to do something weird with him? but I wouldn’t.
  4. Raven is a good option like AF said, though if you do use it be mindful of his bulk since his defenses are on the lower-ish side.
  5. S!Ylgr has FB as her A skill so that’s helpful, but I wouldn’t use it on a full PP set, as with Velouria and Norne.
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Raven does better with galeforce. I’ve built up both him and Libra to +10, and Libra does better with aether. I compared s!ylgr to Libra for a while before building, and decided on Libra. His res is a lot better and when both are at full investment, his extra 5 dragonflowers compared to ylgr allow him to surpass her by 1 BST. Plus he’s not a loli.


Since tanky units seems to be a nice consensus. I do have a Keaton(-hp +def) and a Brave Epharim who could take it.

Keaton’s usual builds are to maximize his damage and DC Vantage everything, if he runs a 2 CD with HB he’ll have that on the second hit, adding more damage and a +10 if he’s transformed. You could do something different but I’m not sure how well it will work.
B!Ephraim is a good choice, Special Fighter will help him charge it quite fast. :)

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Brave Ephraim can use both Aether and Galeforce quite well, so he’s a solid choice.

Don’t fodder Lucina… You can get Aether from Chrom at the cost of only 20k feathers (this is nothing in the long run).

Never fodder a 5* Exclusive for a skill you can get in the 3-4* pool

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