Who next on fallen banner?

With my forging bonds tickets I was able to get F! Edelgard (+spd/-hp). I was wondering if I should just go for the merge with the free summon at 40, or if I end up pulling her in the next couple of summons should I go for someone else… I’m thinking Dimitri but his low res is a little offputting… idk… thoughts?

My +Spd -HP Bagel is still a complete glue eater so I can say with confidence that you don’t need the IV change or merge

Dimitri isn’t a bad choice to spark. He has by far the best overall fodder of this whole bunch so if you end up not liking him you can give his Tempest and/or Solo to a favored Infantry or Flier Galeforcer

The first merge is markedly more impactful than any other, and there’s no guarantee of another opportunity as consistent as a spark coming around anytime soon. So if you are interested in bumping Edelgard’s stats a little–which I doubt she needs, personally, but it sure doesn’t hurt–sparking for her would be a pretty good way of doing that. If I’d gotten one off the tickets I’d be seriously considering it, because I like her art and mechanics a lot and I wouldn’t mind making her a bit stronger, but that’s me.

The other units I think are comparatively kinda whatever. They’re good in their own ways, just not nearly as unique or interesting as Edelgard. So I wouldn’t really suggest going for one of them unless they have fodder you need. If they do, though, sparking would be a good call.

The fact that you’re doubting whether or not you should summon already tells me enough. Don’t do it, just save your orbs. Save them for that unit that you’re sure you will want in the future.