Who not to pick for 4* ticket?

As expected, we have enough topics on which 4* servant to pick from the ticket. Why don’t we discuss something different, like which servant is highly not recommended to pick? Let this be a general guide for all players regarding who is best to avoid for the ticket.

Some suggestions by me:
Medusa Lily: Eresh banner is coming and we all know who love to spook us the most there. Ana does become a decent servant with skadi around. But still, she isn’t that outstanding on her own and is not a rare sight to see. So it is not advised to waste the ticket on her.
Chiyome: She gets a spotlight this event, which is great. She’s not that bad a servant once Castoria comes around since she can loop pretty easily, even better than Hundred Persona. But before that, if she’s at NP1, she hits like a wet noodle. Her facecard are not that impressive at damage or star gen either.
Vlad Extra: He’s not that bad, but he does have a terrible attack stat and a skill set that is quite plain. He can hit evil enemies hard but that’s about it. He’s almost always the least picked servant out there.
Nursery Rhyme: Her niche just isn’t all that impressive. She should be more NP focused like other casters but her skill gives her a star gather and crit damage buff…without any stars…really? DW? She is an AOE servant with a battery, but guess who else is an AOE caster with a battery? Like literally all 5* Aoe casters now…so nursery rhyme really doesn’t have much going for her.
Stheno: I dare you to pick Stheno.

What are your not-recommended list? Feel free to comment below. Try not to start a flame war


Sumanai since he keep spook me
Or assassin of shinjuku

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Assassin of Shinjuku, he may be a good character but he is pretty meh compared to all the other servants on the ticket




I don’t really agree too much with the demerits from servants mentioned by OP. But Medea Lily isn’t a great pick for long term. She offers outstanding healing and debuff cleanse on demand with her massive NP battery. But thats about it. Masters are better off maxing out their Mash’s skills and using her to completely mitigate damage via defense buff stacking.

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What do you mean? I had to roll for one of her rate ups to even get one copy of Ana, in my experiense, she spooking? That’s just a dream :fgo_circereally:


dont pick that one naked baby

You mean the book? Technically she is naked on her first ascention

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this one

flee in terror

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She is not a baby


Did someone say naked


Honestly, I think that Medea Lily is an excellent early game pick. If you already have Helena and are before London, I genuinely think she’s worth considering. Medea Lily seriously helped me all the way through my first half a year of FGO, before I got a wider roster. Her heals are so big that she can give you 2-3 more turns in every single fight, and as a new player with a crap roster that is just barely making do, that’s invaluable.

As for my personal worst picks, I’m going for Assassin of Shinjuku and Beowulf. They have absolutely no niche or unique uses whatsoever, and they are really the only two servants where I think that literally every single other option in their classes will be more useful in literally every situation.


About 50% of the four stars on the ticket are ass. That’s why the same ones get recommend every single time. Just don’t pick the bad ones, bro.

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Now where did I keep that Pic of me choosing Stheno…

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A servant i would not pick up is (sorry @terranort_asashin) Salter.

She might have a strong NP, but she has zero survivability, very weak party wide support (Charisma E) and her upcoming battery is a static 20%. The more you develop your account the more her value goes down as just hitting hard once becomes less and less valuable.

I’m not saying she is useless, but compared to the other options available with the 4 Star ticket she is a worse option than characters like Nero (who gets a bigger battery before her), Yagyu, Lancelot and, if we include future proofing as a reason, Gawain.


What did you write? I wasn’t fast enough to be able to read it

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I misclicked it. Didn’t mean to delete it.

Here we go. Took a while to find.


Your perspective is yours, i’m not hot to try to change your mind

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I do have her and i don’t dislike her, but if we go for pure gameplay standpoint i don’t think she is that great.

That has never stopped waifu picks tho, that’s why i picked Gorgon in my first ticket.

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