Who pairs up well with B!Micaiah?

Hello! Yet another “help me build my team post”!

I’m quite new to the game and read up on the helpful guides here, but I’m not sure what kind of characters to cram into arena.

I think my strongest characters are B!Lyn and B!Micaiah, and figured the latter might have more perks as my “carry”. I know I should use one spot for a bonus unit, but what about the other two? Should I use a dancer or complementary attacker? Tank? What kind of support, does Aversa work well with her?

I don’t have that many characters right now, so my question is a bit more general about how to pick out good synergies, I guess.

In general: B!Micaiah works well with fliers and bond users, since (if you use her default kit, of course) she’s also a bond user

Aversa is a great choice since her tome debuff the foes stats and she can buff Micaiah using hone flier on her C slot (technically her default C, res wave, is also good). Plus, Aversa can be more tanky than Micaiah, this means that she can kill strong DC foes without being killed

Overall, you should create a flier team that can buff Micaiah and help her during the battle. L!Azura is also a really good choice but she’s rarer compared to other units

In Arena: When you play Arena things are different. You should use the bonus unit of that season and “cheerleader” units. A cheerleader can be a dancer (HS!Micaiah, L!Azura, Reyson or even free people like Olivia and Ninian) or a buffer like Marth, Tharja and M!Corrin. These units have to help your bonus units, because when you play Arena you must kill the foes with your bonus units to earn more points. While B!Micaiah is a great unit, she doesn’t really help the other units, so instead you should use someone like Aversa because, like I said earlier, her tome debuff the foes and this helps a lot your bonus unit

B!Micaiah is much more useful in AR since she’s a flier with a great colour. Green is useful against foes like Ophelia and Reinhardt

If you need something else, just ask


I have her paired up with Tobin but theres probably like a 0.1% chance that you’re using him

I paired my brave michaiah up with claude og olivia and mordecai. Both claude and brave michaiah focus on using debuffs to their advantage so yeah i combined mordecai’s ability and gave claude and michaiah chill seals to further hurt enemies

@Bow-of-Sacae I don’t have him, so you’d be correct! :joy:

@Hrafn Thanks for the in-depth explanation! I’m guessing AR is the Aether Raids, so you think B!Mica, Aversa and Olivia or Ninian (until I get a flying dancer) should do well as a core team?

I read that bonus units always include Alphonse, Sharena or Anna, so for arena I guess I’ll upgrade them and use buffers for the other team slots.


The bonus units usually are the new units (so the ones added with new banners), some random units and Fjorm/Alfonse/Sharena/Anna

Yup, Aether Raids. Your team is good, but in the offensive team you should use mythic heroes. You’ll get a free one, Eir, after the first chapter of Book 3. And in your defense you should use Sothis or Duma, if/when you’ll get them. Some mythic heroes (like Eir) gives you more points and stats during the battle, some mythics (like Duma) protect your score. If an enemy defeat you in AR, you lose less points. I’m not the greatest player of AR, but it’s how it works. Oh, don’t forget the blessings! Eir is a Light hero, this means that you should use her during the light season. If you give the Light blessing to other heroes they’ll score better during that season and they’ll get a buff in the stats. I know that it’s a little complicated, but you’ll learn everything in no time!


I use her and sometimes other people help her, sometimes.

Honestly I don’t really build teams, I kinda just mix and match units depending on what map/mode I’m doing.


But she has Ground orders so she works better in mixed teams…

True. I don’t use it because I prefer to use her in flier teams, so I totally forgot about it

Characters who benefit from debuffed foes are a good match with her. While everyone appreciates foes taking a severe hit to Attack and Speed, some characters gain huge benefits from attacking debuffed foes. Examples include Hrid, Saizo, Matthew, and anyone with a Broadleaf Fan.