Who runs it better?

  • Fallen Celica
  • Brave Celica

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Fallen Celica has more HP, Atk, & Res. :thinking:
Brave Celica has more Spd & Def. :thinking:
As this build’s goal seems to be tanking on enemy phase without a skill like QR, the extra 4 Spd Brave Celica has is important.
The extra Def helps too.
Fallen Celica’s extra Res helps her, but it’s not enough. :birbpeek:

HP doesn’t matter too much, at least with this build.

The attack isn’t really that big of a deal since it’s only two point difference.

Brave has more speed which is better.

The defense is the most important aspect of the build, but the difference is very miniscule. But even so, Brave has better defense.

Resistance isn’t that necessary except for taking on dragons, which they can both do.

So Brave is arguably better for me.

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Fallen Celica looks better, so she gets the vote. :3

Sillyness aside, krazytre’s breakdown is what I’d agree with. Brave celica does it slightly better.