Who´s next

Sooo after finishing Mininerva as my grail-mergeproject a while ago, I didn´t know who I wanted to merge next.
Some characters on the list of possibilities at that time were:

  • Fallen Delthea: I already have her at +4 due to all the reruns shes been getting, and I actually liked her in SoV
  • Ashnard: Is at +1 atm. I really like Fliers and he seems do be very powerful with DC or Fort. Def/Res 3 (on top of that badass art he has :sunglasses: )

When I got Pirate Veronica to +10 I started experimenting with Cavalry Emblem some more, after having abandonned them since pretty much the beginning. After trying them out once more, I came to like Cavs some more now, and it got me thinking who I could merge for Cavalry rn.
I got to like Valentines Silque, when I used her in TT a while ago together with P!Veronica, since was really tanky as is, and when factoring in Fort Def/Res3 - a skill I would definitely give her - and DF she can get even more tanky when at +10 -> 45/41 Def/Res when at +10, +10DF and 44/44 Def/Res when +Res through Trait Fruits - not that she´s a priority, but I like that statspread :smile:
But having to decide between the 3 of them wouldn´t be enough… Now that they´ve released Petrine, with that awesome statline and weapon of hers, she´s also in the mix too…

Thats what lead me to ask for your opinion… I just can´t decide on one of them… I´m trending towards Petrine rn, but that could also be caused by the fact that she´s the newest out of the 4… I really would like to merge all of them.

So yeah POLL time :smiley:
Also if you could tell me why you voted someone specific that would be really nice :feh_annawink:

  • Fallen Delthea
  • Ashnard
  • Valentines Silque
  • Petrine

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Current copies of units:

  • Delthea: at +4 atm no more copies
  • Ashnard: at +0 atm with 2 spare copies
  • Silque: at +1 atm no more copies
  • Petrine: at +0 atm with 2 more copies

So rn no grails no grails were spent for those units.

Ashnard just needs Guard Bearing to be an amazing flier tank. If you got a spare Hel or S!Ingrid go for him.