Who´s the best AVATAR on FE series

In this top you only can vote for this character like your avatar, no if he is a good boy/girl, no if she/he is a great character, no if it´s beautiful, only as a avatar, that is the only rule, and explain why you vote for that option

So we’re voting based on character design and that’s it?


NO, if how that avatar represent you on the game, that´s the job of a avatar

Honestly, Robin is really the only good choice as he’s the only one with an actual personality.
I guess Corrin/Byleth is 2nd, but it’s not even a close 2nd.


Except the avatars don’t actually do anything except Robin, Corrin, and Byleth last I checked.

If we’re voting on which avatar was portrayed the best based on the individual playing the game, then…

How exactly do we vote based on blank canvases?

of how that avatar represent you, for example, with mark you give the orders to yours army, apart that you can take some decisions, apart, depend of what´s the gender of mark in how the members of that army acts with you, as florina
and with byleth, you can choose whath he would say, and his waif/husband
this are some examples

Robin and Byleth for sure. Mark hardly ever qualifies as an actual character, haven’t played Chris’s game, and Corrin is a naive Mary Sue. Robin and Byleth both show actual character and personality (as stoic as they are, that’s Byleth’s personality. The stoic, hardened mercenary. Plus you know there are some other story reasons as to why they’re like that too)

*Kris. :feh_rein:

Yeah, these types of polls always confuses me because Robin, Corrin, and Byleth are really the only viable ones to vote. :thinking:

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*Guy who everyone kisses the ass of

Well Kris too, even if I don’t think their game came outside of Japan.


Yeah, Mark isn’t even a character.

This is literally him.

Mark, because he’s the closest thing to nonexistent. I don’t like avatar characters.

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Mark kind of made the player part of the story without really making the player part of the story. That’s about as much avatar as Fire Emblem ever needs.

I actually like Robin and Byleth, but I think both would be far better if they weren’t avatars and could develop on their own without being limited to representing the player.

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The thing about Robin is that he really is his own character, with his own personality, which is kind of weird that he’s an ‘avatar’ because the only thing you’re doing to him is changing his look.

It’s the same with Corrin and, in a way, Byleth.

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I gotta be honest, I have no clue why anyone would vote for Corrin. Not simply for the hate factor cause ya’ll know I don’t like Fates as a whole (the music is great but that’s it IMO).

Like, all Corrin does is ruin the plot. So I really don’t think it’s a choice IMO. But ehh, taste and such.

As for votes.
Byleth and Robin are tied. They have the most impact in game and their link to the campaign is rather well done. Robin is pivotal for the ending, even if Grima’s summoning was a contrivance cause they got themselves in a corner they couldn’t write themselves out of. And Byleth was a rollercoaster as we see their emotions come to fruition throughout the game as they become their own living beings.

Then I’d say Kris, cause Kris has actual plot relevance and while annoying, isn’t a horrible mess like Corrin.

Then Corrin.

And I have no clue why Mark is here. Do they actually do anything in game? Like, I know there’s smidges of unit dialogue as the units talk to you in the “1st” person, but it’s kind weird since you do nothing else

Robin is the only one who’s actually a really likable character on his own. I feel if Byleth talked he’d hold a candle to Robin but honestly, Robin is just so much better. He feels less like an avatar and more like a regular main character to stand alongside chrom and lucina

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Kinda wish I didn’t have to vote for 2 options
Since Robin is the only good one.

Robin has character, a role in the story, doesn’t take all the spotlight, doesn’t get unreasonably much praise from his allies

All this makes him a good character

Design usually isn’t too much a factor for me but they win there too. Love the cloak
Meanwhile Byleth gets minus points for the female design, Corrin is weird and Kris is boring.

Btw I think Mark has a reason to be here:
If you don’t think avatars should have an active role at all Mark is the option to pick.