Who’s the biggest whale you’ve seen?

I have someone on my friends list who owns almost every servant and is NP4/NP5 on all of them.

rip rexlent


I had one on my list with IGN Renge, but the person sadly didn’t log in anymore since 2nd anniversary. Had a np5 Kiara, Raikou berserker, Jalter, Drake, Waver or merlin, Lartoria and someone else I don’t remember. Plus at least 1 mlb bonus event CE on day 1.
Good times, but sadly had to unfriend after waiting for 4 months for them to log in again.

Besides Rexlent(RIP), TouhouSniper98 is the biggest whale I’ve seen


When a NP3 is your worst support unit, huh?

I don’t even know how many MLB Kscopes this guy has. I feel like 3, maybe 4.

He’s dependable for event currency farming.

I don’t really want to name-drop without permission, but here are a couple I’m very fortunate to have:


Purely for meme purposes I need to say @Insert-name, but I honestly dont pay attention to whole setups to know what players are super whales

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Life-goal to the far left :heart_eyes_cat: - part-way there in terms of grails to 100 + 10/10/10 and bond-CE, will have to see how generous her rate-up early next year proves in terms of nuke-levels to lift her beyond NP1.

I do have one fren who’s advertising having several NP5, honorary mention to @RamenKing from the board here as well. Rarely end up picking their crew as support, though, since I got my bases covered just picking a Lunchtime-/Mona Lisa-CE bearer.


I do have this one friend of mine with this set up:


Yes yes, I too require my Smug Nun mommy.

Perhaps one day… or if the GSSR goes perfectly for me in December

Well since @F2P_Hell @ me I might as well there’s my support and all my ssr


Hand over one of the Mordreds asap


I’m also fortunate to have a couple. still always have to refresh to find MLB event CEs fml

I mean, my support is also whaleish 😅

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dat unlored merlin doe :cry:

ur mom

I have other lore priorities at the moment :sweat_smile:

is also out of lores

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Hmm. What could the theme POSSIBLY BE –

Dammit Merlin get out of the kitten pit and make way for… checks list Sanzang!

And Ishtar —> Orion

no u

I don’t acknowledge whales who don’t level skills. Fake.

Sadly a retired whale. But he was legit. 10/10/10 same days. Dive to Blue is level 100, Sumo is 100 and so is one of the k scopes.

If he still played I’d imagine AD would be 100 too.

Jk. 2 of those kscopes are 100.

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