Who’s the biggest whale you’ve seen?

I don’t like to put those CE since it would mean my servant’s purpose is for a measly 10 %. It’s like they have been benched.

@tg345 I would like to send you a request if you will? We are kinda alike and I will be glad if you are part of my friends list.


Not gonna lie I had actually wondered just the other day why I hadn’t sent you a request.

ID: 303,994,663
Name: TG

@tg345 Thx. My ign is Spook-Lord.

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Shots fired

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Unfortunately you friend list is full.

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It went through somehow lol.

It’s because I’m lazy and forget to clear requests. But we should be good.

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Qp is a bitch ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Counting only people from GP, @RamenKing and @CCkun91 are definitely at the top.

Here’s CCkun’s current support setup. Plus, they always have multiple MLB 5* Gacha CEs during events.


I’d feel bad just randomly naming a player. The name involves wishmaster. I added them all for their Francis Drake with a MLB mona lisa attached. Swoon.

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I just like this game to much. Pretty ■■■■■■■ excited for Abigail and Eresh.


Well… This is a surprise… Didn’t expect a reply all of a sudden… :sweat_smile:

Well, hopefully it doesn’t take you too many rolls. I’ll be happy just getting one Eresh since I only have enough SQ and tickets for 9 10-rolls.

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I have notifications on for the forums so I always see my tags. But rolls have been mixed. You never know.

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True. The Gacha is as unpredictable as it is cruel.:fgo_insane:

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Looks in mirror

Hmm… no comment.

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I remember NP5 Raikou only taking like 500 SQ. And then there was the dreaded 3,200 SQ Moriarty. RNG is a bitch.


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I add someone on nerofest for CQ clearing but i guess he’s gone now. Everything is np5 And 10 10 10 on support. I solo suzuka with his okita. Maybe i will ask around on x mas too

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Honestly, I’m more jealous of those multiple MLB Kscopes than any of the NP5 servants…

The biggest whale in my FL is likely this one:

I say ‘likely’ because with all those empty spots it’s hard to tell.

Other than the above, there are mostly just dolphins or at most Orcas in my FL. @jakeyb seems to have the strongest overall line-up there by now.

I guess my own support list looks somewhat whalish in terms of NP levels, too:

Not shown here, but I also have:


NP5 Arturia (+2 USOs from more dupes)
NP3 Okita, Jack, TamaShark, Orion
NP2 Sanzang, Ozy, Arjuna, Archuria, Bride, Medb
Limited NP1 SSRs: DaVinci, NeroCaster, Shishou, Musashi, KH, Raikou

But yeah, most of the examples in this thread must have spent a lot more than me.

Every CE except personal training and mona lisa is lvl 100

Just for sheer number of MLB kscopes

No screenshots, but I recall a long time ago before Onigashima rerun on NA there was a screenshot floating around of someone with an entire lineup of NP5 SSRs all quipped with MLB Sumo.

Let that sink in, MLB Sumo and not MLB Kscope. That person must had rainbow appled like hell to get 40 Sumo drops in order to put up a lineup with only MLB Sumo CEs. Sumo is probably my favourite CE in this game just for its splashability and free status, but even if I am a whale with too much free time on my hands no way I’m gonna farm that many copies of Sumo.